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D&D 5E This Game Feels Like D&D 3.Xe

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Magic Wordsmith
Halflings are good looking and the elves are ugly (j/k).

With more emphasis on alignment ... only Lawful Good Paladins, Neutral Druids, Chaotic Barbarians and Lawful monks (for NPC's only?)
Forgot about Chaotic Barbarians and Lawful Monks. I'm adding that in.

Encumbrance (serious on this one)
Negative hit points instead of death saves (maybe?)
+1 to +3 bonuses that randomly stack or don't stack for things that aren't good enough for getting Advantage/Disadvantage (semi-serious maybe?)
Definitely included the variant encumbrance rules as the adventures are dungeon-based.

Not sure about the negative hit points. I'd have to think about that. The variable bonuses I definitely won't use. I'm running and playing in some D&D 4e games now and I definitely don't miss all the fiddly bits for bonuses.


Actively discourage metagame thinking as being a bad thing. (3.5 DMG page 11) <- I'm assuming this one is a hard no ;-)

Arguing about which splat books are allowed.

Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Varying resistances!
Creature resistant to damage from weapon not made from a specific material.
Creatures immune to damage from weapon of +2 enchantment or less.
Damage reduction like resist Fire 5, Ice 10 etc

and bring back the old energy types:
fire, cold, acid, lighting, arcane, negative, divine (sacred? positive?), sonic

Maybe go back to poison and disease draining an ability score.

For a bigger change, I'd go as a far as suggesting as to remove Concentration. Pre-buff like there's no tomorrow, baby! BUT....I'd give AoO for casting spells in melee, and spell disruption on a hit.

Also, AoO for every reason possible: moving more than 5' without disengaging, standing from prone, shooting in melee, using an item in melee etc

Varying crit range and multiplier are a fun idea, maybe just take the weapon/armor chart of the 3.5e PHB? No need for crit confirmation, those were dumb.


Morkus from Orkus
My experience is that the play experience between editions is very different and, when I've run them more or less the same, it doesn't work very well. Here I just plan on doing a regular D&D 5e game but have a few little nods to D&D 3.Xe for funsies.
Ask for spot, listen, insert 3e skill here checks, even though they will be rolling perception, athletics, etc.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Definitely some variant healing rule to slow down natural recovery. I think the DMG “gritty realism” rule of 8 hour short and 1 week long, while mechanically different from 3.5’s natural healing, would be sufficient to create the feel of healing without magic taking forever.

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