D&D 5E This Land is My Land: A Guide to the Wisdom Ranger

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As long as i get to be the frog
I'm thinking of how I would build a wisdom based ranger and what he would play like.

I'm leaning toward melee and using concentration spells. So Concentration saving throws are important. I think I'd start as Fighter 1. The fighting style gained by the fighter can be used to grant Dueling. The Ranger Fighting Style would take the one that grants Druid Cantrips.

Elven Accuracy would be huge since there's some pretty good ways to create your own advantage (Entangle and Faerie Fire).
Polearm Mastery seems essential at some point as well - especially since Ranger Damage can really drop off in tier 3.
Resilient Wisdom
+2 Wisdom

Not sure the best order to take these in. Probably Polearm Mastery First. Then Elven accuracy next.

I don't see alot of benefit to staying ranger for the long haul. So I'm going to be pushing into Fighter, Cleric or Druid before long.

Typical combat for most of the game would be something like:
Turn 1 Cast Entangle/Faerie Fire
Turn 2 Cast shileleagh and Attack
Turn 3+ Attack
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Love it. The Ranger was pretty underpowered in the PHB, but Tasha turned that upside down and now it is one of, if not the most, powerful "martial" class .... although it is more of a GISH than a Martial now.

I am huge fan of the Wisdom Ranger. I generally favor a Fey Wanderer for this build, a few comments from my experience:

1. I run this more as a GISH slinging a lot of spells once I hit tier 2. This is especially true if you get extra spells through feats.

2. You can build it to make your own fear: Take Shadow Touched and Cause Fear as your 1st level necromancy spell. Cause Fear upcasts well and with a high wisdom and Beguiling Twist you can keep it running an entire battle, if someone saves you twist it and then you no longer need to concentrate and can even cast it again!. Also the mirthful Fey from Fey touched charms as a bonus action every turn which can again be used with Beguiling Twist.

3. Natures Veil should be sky blue. By the time you get it you can use it 3 times a day. A Bonus action to turn invisible can be used to give yourself advantage on attacks, and unlike the invisibility spell it does not go away once you attack or cast a spell.

4. I like a 1-level Rogue dip for the expertisex2. I actually like to start as a Rogue because you get an extra skill this way. A 2 level dip for cunning action works too, or you can play a Goblin and have that from the start. Cunning action plus frightened from beguiling twist is awesome.

5. Agree completely on athletics proficiency. This is one reason I like the Rogue dip-I can take expertise in Athletics, Perception and something else (Stealth or persuasion).

6. I don't go with a very high constitution. Usually I do 12 con and I never get resilient constitution. Going higher is costly and I like a 14 Charisma and decent intelligence for skills. I also like to start with a 16 dexterity for most of these builds. I don't put points on Dex, but I like it there to start for using missile weapons or multiattack with magic stone (I sling 1 magic stone and then fling a dagger for my second attack so I don't have to cast MS again that turn). I also like the extra point on dex saves and stealth.

7. On races a Fizban Metallic Dragonborn with dragonfear feat at 4th level works well. For this I start with a 16 Wisdom, 14 Dex and 15 Charisma, boost Charisma to 16 at 4th level with the feat. Pick a background that gets you a charisma skill (Feylost is particularly thematic) and you are screaming high on two charisma skills with an ability that can frighten a whole bunch of enemies and you only give up an attack to do it. This gives lots of opportunity for beguiling twist.
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Colonel Angus

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So launching it with a sling is “with a weapon” but throwing it is not.
Actually, at least according to your quote, using a sling with Magic Stones still remains a "spell attack" - not a "weapon attack" - but it still qualifies as a ranged attack. Without other information, I wonder why simply throwing a Magic Stone is not also a ranged attack.

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