Release Those Dark Places adventures - available from DrivethruRPG

Jonathan Hicks

Those Dark Places has four official adventures - or 'Reports' - available now from Farsight Games.
Explore an empty ship, solve a missing persons case, fight against the odds or survive a lethal space station...

The Ana-Sin-Emid Report

'About an hour ago the Deep Space Transport Vessel Ana-Sin-Emid dropped out of FTL and has been steadily coasting to the outer marker. There has been no communication from the vessel or any responses to hails and the staging nature of the deceleration has the signs of being automated.

The Deep Space Reconnaissance Vessel Grahams is on dock C. Be ready to launch within the hour. Get on board the Ana-Sin-Emid, get to the bridge and report back to us. The outer marker is an AU out so it should only take you a day to get there. We’ll have a fully-equipped support ship loaded and ready to follow in about 12 hours, but you’re our first response to help and, if possible, lay a salvage claim.’​

The AMC-222 Report

This is a good one.

Asteroid Mining Catch 222 in the Peller System has sent out an emergency request for assistance. They have two members of staff deceased, probably murdered, and another member missing. After the station started a new mining shaft two workers were found mutilated in the mine and there appears to be foul play in the disappearance of the third. I’ve attached what we know to this message but these deep space mining facilities don’t have the best hypercom transmitters so the data package was quite small. Anyway, there should be enough information to give you an idea of what’s going on.​

The Gamma-Sigma 12 Report

Well, this doesn’t sound good. Listen to this message we received.

“Is anyone out there? This is Resource Station Gamma-Sigma 12, we are under attack from a life form…
Our escape ships have launched only half-filled – cowards! - and there are no vessels left here to get us off the station – there are about twenty of us here and we’re scattered all over, requesting…
(static, crashing sounds, an inhuman screech)
Ben! Ben, they’re through! Get the gun! Patricia, take this and get ready! They’re through!
Just shoot! Fire! Fire!
(gunshots, screeching, a cry of pain)
Dan, no! Keep firing! Keep…
(static, transmission ends)”

The nearest warship is two weeks out – you’re six days away on your route. We’re sending you as an advance team to get on board and secure and extract civilians before the big guns show up because Resource Station Gamma-Sigma 12 sent that mayday on every channel available, unencrypted, to make sure someone heard. That means any other company or private enterprise could be on their way there right now to claim the station and take the Calium-3 for themselves. So time is of the absolute essence.

Review the information included, including the station layout and statistics. We don’t know the condition of the station, who is there or what the threat is so go in hot...

... and expect trouble.

The ED-WARD Report

Look, we’ve got a weird one here and the DSSV Right Stuff is the only ship in the vicinity that can get there in a decent amount of time. There’s a research station called Greylight in the Eta Vultura system orbiting a barren red planetoid doing all kinds of secret work for Cambridge-Wallace, and it’s gone dark.

Cambridge-Wallace are eager to have a salvage ship go and collect the station. They’ve neglected to give us full details of the mission. All they’re saying is that the station doesn’t communicate any more and they want it investigated, possibly salvaged, with all pods present and no questions asked.​


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