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Thoughts In Anything Goes?


Now some people think I'm a hard ass who hates anything goes. That's not strictly true I don't mind it as long as the world is built from the ground up. So Eberron is fine while adding lots of stuff to say Darksun is not.

If you're running a themed game whatever that them is it should take priority.

So dear readers this thread is a brainstorm thing about anything goes. All PHB races are available.

Generally I find a hook or gimmick is also important to make a world stand out. FR originally was a more approachable GH.

So the basic idea.

Post Apocalyptic. The gods are dead.
The core 4 are the main races. Other phb races are minor, anything else probably semi unique.

Everything else is mutants. Mutants don't have a huge stigma and around half the population is mutants.

Clerics exist but the divine spark is in them. Pick any domain you want.

Lots of wild magic and dead magic areas.
Zones of "poison" where the land is contaminated.

The wastes are populated by raiders. Water is contaminated a lot.

Fallout 4 Survival mode;) as inspiration.

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Victoria Rules
With "anything goes" your OP seems to refer to setting conceits; or are you also talking about an anything-goes style of play?

For setting, I'll mash together anything I can figure out a rationale for. Want something resembling Darksun or Al-Qadim? It's out there. Want something resembling Oriental Adventures? Go that way long enough and you'll hit it. Want an Eberron-like society full of robots? Only slightly harder to reach - you need to jump to the other world in the binary system.

Doesn't mean players can play all the oddball stuff from those settings; they're out there intentionally to be something foreign.

Caution about wild and-or dead magic areas: having run a couple of adventures in such areas dead-magic can change things more than you might expect, and constant wild-magic can really change your campaign for better or worse or both (think of a toned-down Deck of Many Things but that just keeps going).

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