D&D 5E Three multiclasses I want to try in future games



1. skill versatility half-elf Kensei-bladesinger, spy background: Progression is Monk1, Wizard 2, Monk 5 then wizard for the rest. Can start with S8,D16,C10,W16,I15,Ch10. Pick up fey touched at 6th level for I16, then pump dex. This character will have awesome AC bladesong, stunning strike, cantrips, rituals, 7 skills, longsword as a kensei weapon. She is from Halruaa and is a graduate of the Jordain College and is in the service of one of the Halruuan wizards. She was sent to the north on the wizard's behalf to gather information on ......

2. Glasya Tiefling Arcane Trickster-Arcane Archer-Diviner, haunted one background: Progression Rogue 4, Fighter 6, wizard X. S8, D16, C10, W12, I15, Ch14. Pick up fey touched at 4th for I16, sharpshooter at 8th, +2Dex at 10th. This character is a booming blade at early levels. At mid levels she is an archer with 7 skills, cunning action and she can cast 8 spells per day with free castings from fey touched and Tiefling. At high levels she has portent, extra slots and rituals from the full wizard. Her mother is a Cambion and Glasya is her grandmother, her father is unknown. She grew up in the Unseelie court (feywild dark faeries) where her mother was some kind of emissary from the Hells. Her mother is terrible as are the dark faeries of the Unseelie court, she was sent to the Sword Coast with a task from her mother to ...... She is terrified of being brought back to the Unseelie court and her abusive mother and is seeking a way out

3. Custom Lineage Battlesmith-War Wizard, Urchin background: Progression Artificer 5, Wizard X. S8, D14, C14, W10, I18, Ch10. Start with skill expert for I18, 6 skills and one with expertise. This character takes a while to get going. She is a skill monkey with guidance and 1 expert skill. She starts out with crossbow or daggers and GFB, after Artificer 3 transitions to a heavy weapon and longbow with steel defender by her side. Get GWM at 4th, I20 at 9th. Pick mostly defensive spells (shield, Absorb Elements, blur, protection from good and evil). Once she gets in her build this character can do good damage and survive melee with the shield spell and other defenses. She grew up on the streets of XXXX, he was caught stealing by a local wizard, instead of turning her in to the authorities wizard took her in and let her work it off. She learned to dabble in magic and like to tinker and build stuff ....

Anyway slow Sunday so I thought I would work on these builds, what do you think? For fey touched builds I think Hex is my go-to enchantment, although all these builds are all Bonus-action heavy already.
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