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5E "Tiefling" as a feat?


How would you do the tiefling 'race' as a feat? I mean, instead of choosing a tiefling character, you go for any other race you want and then add the tiefling/ infernal blood/ devil heritage feat. So you can be a halfling, elf or maybe a goliath with demon blood if you want to.

I was thinking maybe a half-feat with fire resistance, or a full feat with fire resistance and tiefling spellcasting perhaps?

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I might make it a subrace "package" instead of a feat, personally...

Yeah, I thought about that. But I have 15+ races in my homebrew and no subraces so it would be a lot of work. A feat would make it easier in the end, even if I have to let non-humans get the 4th level feat earlier...

Hmm... Not sure I would handle it as a feat.
How would you handle a lycanthrope or a vampire or an angel?

I would approach it like some sort of racial half template. Maybe it would modify abilities, and would probably add both benefits and detractors.

But whatever, I don't think it would be something a player could chose after initial character creation.

It is possible to trade the +1 for a half feat, or the +2 for a full feat.

Lycanthrope is mostly a half feat to gain an alternate beast form, plus a midway form between beast and humanoid.

Vampire is a full class, so many powerful abilities to develop.

Tiefling, it depends what about it one cares about. Is it the horns? Is it the fire? If it is just being infernal, that can be a Background without special abilities.


A little discordant to suddenly discover at, say, level 12 that you're part Tiefling.

Why? It would fit in to a number of established story tropes that have a seemingly normal people discover that they are Spawn of Hell and have a number of supernatural powers with which they will bring about the Apocalypse.

Its probably just a variant human though

The Heritage feats where in 3.5/NWN 2, but they used a tree structure which would be against 5e design paradigms.

Using that as a model Fiendish Heritage would look like this.

Heritage) Poison Resistance, advantage on poison saves.
Power) +1 Save DCs for your evocation spells.
Presence) Can cast Cause Fear once per long rest, using Charisma as your spellcasting ability.
Resistance) Resistance to Fire and Acid.


The alternate multiclassing in Pathfinder Unchained was based on feats, and you had to take one at first level. One of the options was sorcerer which comes with a bloodline (like infernal). The abilities that go with it don't come until the later feats you get every four levels or so.

A character who chooses sorcerer as her secondary class gains the following secondary class features.

Bloodline: At 1st level, she must select a sorcerer bloodline. She treats her character level as her effective sorcerer level for all bloodline powers.

Bloodline Power: At 3rd level, she gains her bloodline's 1st-level bloodline power.

Improved Bloodline Power: At 7th level, she gains her bloodline's 3rd-level bloodline power

Blood Feat: At 11th level, she gains one of her bloodline's feats or Eschew Materials.

Greater Bloodline Power: At 15th level, she gains her bloodline's 9th-level bloodline power.

True Bloodline Power: At 19th level, she gains her bloodline's 15th-level bloodline power.



So if we strip out the features of the race that seem most "iconic", I think we can boil it down to 2 areas.

1) Resistance to Fire
2) Ability to cast Thamateurgy or Hellish Rebuke (aka somekind of innate devilish power).

Darkvision is so common and so generic I don't think we need to include that in the racial package. Honestly Thaumaturgy from a power perspective is fine, its more fluff than anything. So it comes down to....are you okay with fire resistance as a Feat? That's a damn strong ability....but it is a feat they are supposed to be special.

So with that in mind, we get:

Hellish Legacy
Requirement: Cha 12+

1) You gain use of the Thamateurgy cantrip
2) You have resistance to fire


It would be a one off situation for me, so I'd just tailor it to the situation when it came up. I would not make rules in advance for it.
Yeah, or even just consider the tiefling thing to be purely character background. Wonderful roleplay opportunity, but no need to have any game mechanic connected to it.

Not everything a character is or does needs to have game mechanics for it. You can always just "be" it.

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