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TMP- News Stories

KEye News

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Hot Spots

(This should have been posted Oct 11, to go with the opening of Elements)
Anchor Diane Hunt smiles at the camera, “And, now time for our newest feature, ‘Hot Spots’ with Bethany Daniels in the field. What’s today’s Hot Spot, Bethany?”
The scene shifts to the perky field reporter, “Thank you, Diane. Today’s hot spot is a new restaurant, Elements. Though it opened to the public yesterday, today is the grand opening. And what a gala it is. Numerous celebrities are in attendance, everyone from action star Kyle Chan to entrepreneur Wes Chandler. We’ve been asked not to disturb the diners while they eat, but the head chefs Kalin Tabara and Cassandra Talaria are able to share a few words.”
The camera pans to show the tall, completely hairless Dr Kalin Tabara, and the average sized mulatto woman, Cassandra Talaria. Bethany smiles, “This is a very big production for your grand opening. Are either of you nervous?”
Kalin shakes his head, “Not really. I’ve done this before.”
“Were the grand openings of your other restaurants this big?”
“Not exactly. They were hibachi restaurants, so the pressure was on for the show that people would get.”
Bethany’s smile grows, “Of course,” then, she looks to Cassandra. “And you, Ms. Talaria? You haven’t opened any restaurants, and this is quite different than Antoni’s.”
Cassandra chuckles, “That’s true, but, that’s also why I’m more excited than nervous. I loved working at Antoni’s, but, Elements has a bigger variety, and I like a challenge.”
“It will certainly be a challenge. What is the story behind Elements?”
“One of the owners saw a show where the chefs were challenged to come up with elemental themed dishes – fire, water, air and earth. She thought it was a great idea for a restaurant.”
“Beautiful. Do you feel that the menu you’ve designed has lived up to her expectations?”
There’s another chuckle from Cassandra, “Given her reactions to the dishes she tried, yes, I think we have.”
“Besides the themes of the elements, I understand you have another, special section on the menu. Will you tell us about it?”
Cassandra smiles warmly, “That would be the Dance section. It’s healthy dishes, and I wanted to have a decent variety. My best friend’s a ballerina, so, she’s really got to keep her weight low. And it’s really tough for her to find places where she can get something flavorful and not fattening.”
“So, it’s called Dance in honor of her?”
“Well, that’s all the time we have. Thank you very much, Kalin, Cassandra. I’m sure your staff is eager to have you back in the kitchen. Back to you, Diane.”
“Thank you, Bethany.” Diane looks from the side screen on which Bethany is shown back to the front camera, “Up next, careful of the candies you get for the ghouls and goblins who will come knocking this Halloween, more after this.”

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KEye News

First Post
Restaurant Shooting

Anchor Diane Hunt makes her usual smooth transition from one story to the next. “Black Friday is truly dark for the food world today. Celebrated chef Cassandra Talaria was shot and critically wounded outside Elements, the restaurant where she is head chef. Theresa Freeman has more.”
The scene opens on KEye News field correspondent Theresa Freeman, who is standing next to a teary eyed young woman. “Thank you, Diane. I’m here with Tamara Dorris, a waitress from Elements. Tamara, I understand you were with Ms. Talaria when she was shot.”
Tamara nods, sniffling, “I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt Cass.”
“Can you share with us what happened?”
“She was giving me a ride home. We- we were almost to her car, and suddenly, there - there was a spray of blood. And she – she fell down. That – that’s all I saw.” The young woman is hardly able to speak for fighting back her sobs.
“Thank you, Tamara.” Theresa looks back at the camera, “Ms. Talaria’s location and condition have not been released.”
The scene shifts back to the studio. “Thank you, Theresa,” Diane is looking at the little screen that shows the field correspondent. She looks forward to the camera, “We’ll have more as it develops.” She smiles winningly, “Not all hope is lost for good food, though. We have a special guest here today to help you with those Thanksgiving day left overs. Coming up after this.”

NYC News

First Post
The Meeting Place the site of another shooting

July 27 2035 NY, NY

The popular local club The Meeting Place in midtown Manhattan erupted in gunfire Saturday morning, leaving one patron dead and two others hospitalized. Police are not releasing the names of the victims until their families have been notified.

The owner of the club could not be reached for comment.
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First Post
In a late breaking news, there was a car bomb that exploded on Manhattans trendy upper east side, outside the trendy bar, “The Meeting Place” yesterday evening around 11:00 PM.

The explosion was a small one, as the crudely constructed explosive device detonated poorly. The bomb was in a rental car, rented to Teresa Lee, an American born Chinese.

It is suspected from her travels overseas, that she developed ties with the “Kam Sung” terrorist organization of North Korea. She is currently being sought by the FBI for questioning. She is to be considered armed and dangerous. If seen, contact the FBI at 1-866-555-2345. There is a twenty-five thousand dollar reward for information leading to her capture.

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