Tomb of Annihilation IC thread

Setting the stage:

A death curse has befallen everyone who's been raised from the dead! Its victims are rotting away, and all efforts to reverse the decay have failed.

The souls of the dead are being stolen one by one and trapped inside a necromantic artifact. Only its destruction will free the trapped spirits and allow the dead to be raised once more.

All paths lead to Chult, a mysterious land of volcanoes, jungles, and the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Below them all awaits a deadly tomb. The trap is set. Will you take the bait?

-- rear cover Tomb of Annihilation

So the rumors hold truth and the wise and wizened have gathered to fight this new threat. The Council of the the Sword Coast, a recently young group made up of former adventurers, and representatives of other organizations (like the Harpers and Lord's Alliance) have been tasked to stop the death curse. From their past experiences it is believed that a small group working together should have little trouble on such a quest. And that is how this group - (consisting of Lizzy Hale, Enanthil of Vesve, Braiden Masterson, and Kargadan "The Rhino") found themselves taking a boat from Baldur's Gate to Port Nyanzaru.

The trip was uneventful until the pulled into the Bay of Chult and were greeted by a very large dragon turtle. There the captain paid the beast its tribute and the ship was allowed to pass unmolested. After safely reaching the harbor ward of the city they set out to follow the few instructions they were given. One - finding lodging and make your arrival know to The Merchant Prince's of Chult, and Two - await further instructions from your contact in Chult, the archmage Syndra Silvane.

Everything has gone very smoothly, although it seems to be taking a very long time for your contact to summon you. It could be the weather though. The oven like air followed by the daily downpours have made your first couple days in Chult miserable. The group has spent almost a tenday in the city when a missive finally arrives.

OOG: And we will start there.

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The day dawned cool and bright, the cloudless sky hinting at the heat to come, but you hope to be indoors and sipping tej before the worst of the day's heat beats down on the cobblestoned streets. A messenger came last night bearing an invitation for your group to dine at the noon hour at one of the Merchant Prince's villas. It also mentioned that it is then that introductions will be made between you and the archmage Syandra Silvane. The mysterious figure who petition the Sword Coast Council for skilled people to take part in an expedition to find the root cause of the Death Curse.

The villa -located on Temple Hill(in the Merchant Ward), is home to Wakanga O'Tamu and said to be the most splendid of all the Merchant Prince's abodes. Winding your way through the colorful streets, you notice even more color being added to the décor as men hang bright red and yellow streamers to mark the path of tomorrow's Dinosaur Races. Following the directions you were given you stand before the Temple of Sarvas and can't help but notice the grandiose home to your right, which is your destination.

The courtyard is walled off and guarded, but your invitation allows you to pass unmolested. Once inside the creaking of a water wheel and the burbling of a fountain greet your ears, and a cool breeze brushes your face. Two servants dressed in cool white silks bow and ask the group to follow them.

Inside the building your boots clack of the red and white tiled floor, and you notice a blurry reflection of yourselves reflected off the polished wood paneled walls. You are led to a side room also paneled in dark wood, a fireplace burning in the corner. Comfortable chairs, and a heavy table bearing platters of fruit, meats, cheese, goblets, and bottles of wine takes up the far wall. and the entire room is hung with maps and sea charts, while racks, shelves, and cabinets hold hundreds of more rolled-up maps and charts.

A middle-aged Chultan in traveling garb stands over a map laid out on a counter while another person is seated in an overstuffed chair near the fire. You can't discern their gender, because only the person's head emerges from under a heavy blanket draped over the chair, and an embroidered hood and silver mask conceal the wearer's face. "Greetings," they say in a raspy voice through the porcelain mask. "Please help yourselves to the wine and food."

cough cough

Even the voice gives you no clue to the gender of your host, because of the soft gravel-ness in it. "O'Tamu will join us shortly friends. I hope I may call you that."

Currently in the room:
  • Lizzy Hale
  • Enanthil
  • Rhino
  • Braiden
  • Obah
  • Syandra

In the villa and on their way:
  • Wakanga O'Tamu NPC
  • Amitiel PC
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Steve Gorak

Enanthil lingers on front of the maps. Some were of better craftsmanship than others, but all were nicely put together and elegant. He pushed aside a desire to get out his own map making equipment to make copies of hose own, but that would be in poor taste and could alienate his host.

You certainly may call us friends, but only if we can reciprocate!” He says in jest. He grabs a gobelet and pours some wine for himself, his new masked friend as well as his companion. Doing so he spills a few drop on the tablecloth, a faux pas he is quick to recover from using the Elven magics he learned as a child.

OOC: cast prestigitation to clean the table cloth


Seeing the newcomer's interest in the map, the middle-aged Chultan stepped aside to give the elf a better view, saying, "I see that you have an eye, as I do, for a thing of beauty such as this map. One of the prince's finest, indeed it is. Only a few details are off, and much is left unknown, but such is life. The craftsmanship is exquisite, and most likely many died in its surveying. I am Obah Jideofor, and I am glad to meet you."

As he was speaking, a tiny man-shaped creature wearing a long, colourful face-mask and little straw hat climbed out of his pocket and danced across the table. It dipped a little hand with long fingers into someone's goblet and then shook it, spraying drops on the map.

Obah quickly grabbed the little man, whispering, "Tookah! Behave!" and he wiped the drops off the map with a hand-cloth while tucking the little man back in his pocket.

Steve Gorak

We’ll met Obah, I am Enanthil. And indeed, this one is magnificent.”he was pointing at a large ornate map when he was suddenly distracted by the little man on the table. Enanthil stares at it, waves his fingers to summon more magics and asks with a delighted smile “Who or what is that?”

OOC: cast prestigitation again to clean the wine stains!


Possibly a Idiot.
"Thank you, friend." A large one-horned tiefling replies to masked figure. Making his way to the table, he immediately finds himself enthralled with the display of foods. As the saying goes, one of the best ways to learn about people was through their stomach. After a moment of taking in the colors and smells of the display, he settles for a starting sampler of goat cheese and a juicy yellow fruit wedge.

"They call me Rhino." He says as he returns to sit across from the masked figure. "May I ask who you are?"

By the short pause and posture Rhino can almost tell that the masked figure is blushing although he can't see it outright. They raise a long gloved hand to their face, as if to hide behind it, forgetting that they are masked. "Oh my," a sharp gasp escapes their breath. "I am sorry I was going to wait for O'Tamu to make introductions. He read the letter with your descriptions so knows..." They stop and seem to gather themselves physically. "I am sorry friend Rhino. My name is Syndra Silvane. and you are here to save me. I should be more grateful for your presence, but my predicament has idled my mind if not my common sense."

She seems to gather herself and takes a deep breath, "I am dying, once more. Wasting away from the Death Curse."


"Tookah is a Chwinga," Obah explained to Enanthil, "A rare and special elemental spirit of the jungle. He has been my companion for many years. He has a restless, inquisitive nature that can be both charming and frustrating at once. Though Tookah is exceptional for his type, his people are very shy. It says a lot that he ventured out with you newcomers in the room."

He raised the goblet that Tookah had dipped a hand in and he took a sip of wine.

Steve Gorak

Well let Tokah! I have heard of your kind and am honoured to meet you”.

Upon hearing the masked lady’s comment, Enanthil turns towards her and says: “I am deeply saddened that this is happening to you. Indeed this curse is a great mystery. Hopefully we can help.

OOC: i am assuming Enanthil already knows Rhino, since they came on the boat and spent the last 10 days waiting; otherwise he would have introduced himself


Tookah popped his head out of Obah's pocket and made an odd gesture that was not entirely unlike a wave, but with extra movements. Perhaps it was made awkward by the fabric. Either way, the Chwinga disappeared from sight after making it.


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