Tomb of Annihilation IC thread



Chult/Port Nyanzaru/O’Tamu’s villa
Round 0

Lizzy looked a little skeptical. “I don’t know anything about dinosaurs, or the first thing about racing them,” she said. “I hope he isn’t expecting much from us in this race. Or that the locals don’t get affronted by a bunch of out of towners butting in on their national pastime. Not to mention someone getting hurt right before we were supposed to set out.”


HP: 9/9
AC: 14
Init: +3
PP: 14

Bolts: 40
Arrows: 40
Healer's kit: 10 uses
Coin: 1 sp
Sneak Attack: 1d6
Dungeon Delver
  • Adv Perception/Investigation for secret doors.
  • Adv saves vs traps
  • Resist damage from traps
  • Traveling at fast pace doesn’t impose -5 on PP

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Well, either we make a good showing and become local celebrities or we do horrendously and again become celebrities if not the way we would like. But for the foreigners to be bad at their sports is not as terrible as it would be for their own. And the dinosaurs are just animals. Some are dangerous, others not. It is a wide categorization, as if you said mammals or fish. I don't actually know much about them, but the basics."
Amil motions toward the door where they came out of.
"If locals are unhappy, let them take it up with our host. We're just guests invited to the races."

Nature to know about dinosaurs: 1D20+2 = [11]+2 = 13


"Prince Wakanga said something about 'newer rules' - I would be loathe to tell you something that has now changed," replied Obah on the subject of the rules, after agreeing with Amil, "I have not been to the races myself in many years, and never as a participant."

The streets are slick and dark as you continue back to your rooms at The Thundering Lizard. Not as crowded as they are during the day you only pass a few people out on the streets, although you do pass a couple groups of men finishing up the decorations for tomorrow's celebration. Obah knows that they are marking off the course for tomorrows race, to both keep the racers on track and warn spectators away. As you pass under one of the many bridges which link up the tall hills of the city you see five men hanging a large iron ring from the columns holding the bridge aloft. yellow and red streamers on each side mark the ring as part of the race track. Though this is the first time the native Chultan has seen such a thing.


Obah marvelled at the ring, imagining what he would have thought of it as a child watching the races.

"Perhaps we will be made to jump through!" he shared his thought aloud to those nearby.

Reaching the inn and taproom the group finds the building a buzz with talk about tomorrow, and the great kings the festival is suppose to honor. Groups of men toast to kings of the past and to the Merchant Princes and their continued wisdom. The mood is festive as if Na N'buso Haka is getting an early start.

OOC: So I must ask if the characters wish to celebrate early or get to bed early?? Your choice of course.

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