Tomb of Annihilation IC thread


Obah would love to gossip about the other racers, some he may know by reputation, others not. (He hasn't followed the races closely in recent years, but he's probably heard about the most famous ones). Also, any with family lineages from when he was a boy. Same on the breeders of the actual dinosaurs.

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Braiden looks around the festivities and taps Enanthil on the shoulder. He gestures towards the merriment.

"Brother you coming?"

Not waiting for an answer he rushes off grabbing a mug of beer and joining a table. He talks with anyone that approaches and enjoys the festivities.

OOC: Braiden will celebrate. Unless pulled away by Enanthil he will spend most of the night in the tavern celebrating.


Obah did not intend to party, but he never managed to find an opportunity to leave, always involved in conversations. In addition, he was not used to drinking alcohol - he was not against it, but in the jungle supplies would run out very early on, and drinking collected rainwater was the norm. Here, he found himself drinking tej after tej and was quite unsteady on his feet by the end of the evening.

OOC: Tej, for those that don't know, is a popular Chultan mead. Looks like he's too drunk (and probably talking too much about things he already knows) to learn too many new things: Insight Check: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9

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