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Tomb of Horrors 3.5

Mista Collins

First Post
Here are the stats for the character. I gave him a Helm of Wisdom +2 (instead of a Periapt) if that is alright with you, Scotley. I priced it the same as the Periapt, but gave it a weight of 3 lbs to match the weight of most helms in the DMG. If this is not alright, I can adjust a few things around.

I'll try and get a background up tomorrow night for you also.


Class: Cleric 9	Starting Level: 9
Race: Human
Region of Origin: 
Size: M
Gender: Male
Alignment: NG
Deity: Pelor

Str: 14 +2 (6p.)                        Level: 9	XP: 36,025
Dex: 13 +1 (5p.)             		BAB: +6/+1	HP: 76 (11+8d8+24)
Con: 16 +3 (10p.)			Grapple: +8
Int: 8 -1 (0p.)                        	Speed: 20'
Wis: 20 +5 (10p. +2 LB, +2 item)\	Init: +1	
Cha: 10 +0 (2p.)         		ACP: -6 (-5fp-1hs)

	     Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Misc	Total
Armor:	     	10	+10	+5	+1	+2	28
Touch:	     	10        +0	+5	+1	+1	17
Flatfooted: 	10	+10	+5	+0	+2	27

Spell Res: None
Dmg Red: 3/- (total of 30 points a day)

	      Total	Base	Mod	Misc
Fort:          +9    	+6	+3	+0
Ref:           +4    	+3	+1	+0
Will:          +11     	+6	+5	+0

Weapon			Attack		Damage		Critical	Range
Morningstar		+10		1d8+3		20/x2
MW Light Crossbow	+8		1d8		19-20/x2	80
Languages: Common

Turn Undead (+0 check, 2d8+9 Damage)
Domains: Sun & Strength

Energy Resistance: fire 10 (maximum of 50 points a day)
DR 3/- (maximum of 30 a day)
Not fatigued while sleeping in armor
Maximize Healing (6th level or lower) spell 3/day as swift action
Healing belt: +2 to heal checks. 3 charges a day
* 1 charge – 2d8
* 2 charge – 3d8
* 3 charge – 4d8
Greater Turning 1/day – destroy undead that’d normally be turned
Feat of Strength: +9 to Strength 1/day (duration: 1 round)

* Extra Turning (PHB)
* Shield Specialization (PHBII)
* Shield Ward (PHBII)
* Weapon Focus (Morningstar) (PHB)
* Divine Ward (PHB II)

Skill Points: 24 Max Ranks: 12/6

		Skill		Ability				Misc. 
Skill Name	Modifier	Modifier	Ranks		Modifier
Concentration	+15		+3		+12		+0
Heal		+11		+5		+4		+2 (belt)
List (cc)	+7		+5		+2(4)		+0
Spot (cc)	+7		+5		+2(4)		+0
Equipment:			     Cost           Weight
+2 Fullplate				5,650		50
Restful Crystal				500		-
Ironward Diamond Crystal, lesser	2000		-
+2 Heavy Wood Shield			4157		10
Energy Prot (fire) crystal, lesser	1500		0
+1 Morningstar				2,308		6
MW Light Crossbow			335		4
20 bolts				2		2
Ring of Protection +1			2,000		-
Wand of Cure Light (50charges)x2	1500		-
Armband of Max Healing			7,200		1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1		2,000		-
Helm of Wisdom +2			4,000		3
Healing Belt				750		1
Pouch (belt)				1		.5
Holy Symbol (Wood)			1		0
Heward’s handy Haversack		2000		5
Bedroll					1sp		(5)
Flint					1		-
Rations (20)				10		(20)
Rope(Silk 50ft)				10		(5)
Waterskin				1		(4)
Whetstone				2cp		(1)
Signal Whistle				8sp		-
Holywater (2)				50		(2)

Total Weight: 82.5 lbs (37 lbs in haversack) = 119.5 total weight of gear     
Money: 23gp 0sp 8cp   [used: 35,976gp, 9sp 2cp]

      		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
Max Weight:	58	116	 175     350	875

Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 177 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Golden Blonde
Skin: Tan

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Mista Collins, I've given the Cleric to be named later a quick once over and he looks good. Given that invisible castle was so nasty to you, I'll let you have the Wisdom Helment. The mental afinity is close enough for me.


For those of you keeping score at home...

We have the following characters to choose from. I've had some contact from J. Alexander and a Druid is in the works even though he's been quiet on the thread.

J. Alexander--Working on a Human Druid
Walking Dad--Garagos Stoneshield Dwarven Fighter (already working on Human Cleric of Trithereon backup)
renau1g--Fin Darkstalker Dwarven Rogue
OnlytheStrong--Tagret Artalen Human Monk
Greybeard--Zorn Human Sorcerer
wandering 8i--Jason Fishmonger Human Paladin
Scott DeWar--Human Fighter to be named later
Mista Collins--Human Cleric of Pelor to be named later

Garagos, Fin, Tagret, Zorn, Jason, Scott's unnamed Fighter and Mista Collins' unnamed Cleric all passed inspection with the changes I noted in previous posts.

That gives us 8 when I really only planned to have 6. The players have two options. You can either vote as I've outlined, once all the characters are posted or we could go forward with the larger group. If we go with the larger group I will toughen a couple of fights and make a few traps more deadly. I will also not let you bring in a replacement character until we get down to 5. Opinions? Other options?

If we vote I would allow each player to vote for three adventuring companions and their own character via private email. The 6 with the highest votes would start the adventure and the other two would be alternates dropped in as replacements if they so desire. The DM gets 3 votes and decides in the case of a tie based on the skills and abilities I think will be most needed.

Walking Dad

First Post
If ToH lives up it's reputation, we could start with 8 characters and look how many are still there after 2-3 rooms. If all, you should make it deadlier. If only 2 characters live, the dungeon is difficult enough :cool:


I agree with Walking Dad. let's start with 8. If you want to toughen it up a bit right away, that's fine. If it proves too tough, just go back to how it is written.


Now that it is laid out in front of me, I may have to pull Tagret. We have 1 arcane caster. While I prefer the Warmage :) I'll toss out a wizard. He will be a specialist of course. Probably a gnome illusionist. Just cuz they are funny. I'll try to stat one up and toss him out here.

His Stats:

Gnome Illusionist (3d6=15, 3d6=11, 3d6=16, 3d6=12, 3d6=13, 3d6=10)


Okay, I tried building a wizard. I just don't have time right now. Tagret will be my guy again. Sorry.
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J. Alexander

First Post
The Druid

Sorry for being slow in getting my thoughts together....i will work on the druid tonight and have him posted tomorrow...he will be more of a shapeshifter than anything that will use the animal form for combat...augmented by spells.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
actually, i am finally picking up on work and may not be able to keep the pace for posting...would it be alright if i am a stand-by alternate character? I am also boing to be out of town from 29 march to 30 march (visiting family in nashville area) and will be off the net for those days until 31 maarch.

is everyone ok with this? sorry the rogue will have oneless meatshield to hide behind...woulda' been a frontline fighter at that.

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