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Tomb of Horrors 3.5

Mista Collins

First Post
8 characters or voting works for me. I think having 8 characters might slow down the pace a bit, but if ToH does indeed live up to the hype, we'll be moving along quickly as our numbers dwindle.

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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Dumb A$$ alert:

Me being the dumb A$$, i looked at the itinery wrong (cross eyed i think) and have recently discovered that i will be un available from 21 march to 23 march...not 28 to 30 like i posted earlier...so sorry


ps; good thing i looked!
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Scott, that is fine. We'll assume the as yet unnamed fighter will be coming in a little later giving us 7 to start with. I've run games of this size and I don't think one character over the planned 6 will cause too much delay. Or require undo tweeking of the adventure. Finish up your characters and look for an opening post Saturday Night.

The Rogue's Gallery thread for this game can be found Here

Please post your completed characters in the RG.

J. Alexander

First Post
Finishing Touches

Been ages since i played a druid so any suggestions on two other feats that would be usefuly..i currently have extra wild shape, natural spell and lighting reflexes......

Walking Dad

First Post
Fasr Wildshape from Complete Divine.

Or that feat from Frostburn that allows you to wildshape into a cyrohydra :uhoh: ;)

SRD only: Spell Focus (conjuration) + Augment Summoning.


I would allow faster wildshape and improved natural attack. I don't think the Cryohydra is gonna work out though. Focus in Conjuration and improved Conjuration is a potent combo too. I'm going to go ahead and change the heading on this thread since we are done recruiting.

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