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Level Up (A5E) Tools progress


Well, that was fun
Staff member
One major part of the preparation for #LevelUp5E is getting all the rules onto our tools site. It's a laborious process. This is how far I've gotten so far!

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 8.30.00 PM.png

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That's not what the site will actually look like of course. We haven't even begun skinning/styling it yet! That's just the raw software.
That'll be nice, of course!

Personally, I'm always more concerned about things working and are simple-to-use over the bells-and-whistles, but pretty is nice once the first two are met.


Looks good so far! Considering what's been referenced in the playtest packets, I'm interested in seeing what you're doing with the planes and gods--how much is D&D with the names filed off, how much is brand new, and so on.

Darn. I may have to get this as well. Sigh. I'm poor! Stop putting out cool books! (This one is for LU, right?)

Adventures in ZEITGEIST is for Level Up, though it doesn't require you to have the LU book, if your group just wants to run it in basic 5E.

The timeline, I believe, is that we're doing a Kickstarter for the first new ZEITGEIST adventure right now: Death of the Author (which is designed to be played standalone, without requiring any knowledge of the Z setting). Then in the not too distant future there'll be the Level Up core books, and after that the Adventures in ZEITGEIST setting book.

Level Up!

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