D&D General Tower of the Realms Mini Scenery Piece

ICv2 is reporting on a new tower scenery piece coming from WizKids, revealed at New York Toy Fair. It's three (mini!) stories in height. No release date or price yet.


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Well, as a Forgotten Realms fan, this got me all revved up, since the last big "miniature" WizKids announced, the Falling Star ship, turned out to be an early hint for Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and the name "Tower of the Realms" (however dopey) seemed to promise an upcoming FR-themed book after three consecutive non-FR setting books. But unfortunately it's not called "Tower of the Realms"; if you follow the link you see it's just "Icons of the Realms: The Tower" ("Icons of the Realms" being a generic name for their whole miniatures line including Ravnica etc.). So, still a cool-looking bit of scenery, but doesn't imply what I had hoped.


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Looks fun, but I generally won't buy an expensive set piece that will get rare use. The ship made a lot more sense as you can base an entire campaign around it.

The wizards at the top appear to just be separate pieces to put there.

hope they offer a painted one, unless I just want to gray primer it and do various black washes into the crevasses. Probably a instant purchase as I enjoy large set pieces even if my closet is full of them now!

Thanks, will do! I’m also looking forward to wizkids warlock tiles in May or so as well...amazing gaming stuff for us to use.
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I'm very curious how this and the warlock tiles come out. The farm set was pretty dull.. keeping prices down by using very constrained painting.

Way too much Dwarven Forge here to get by with "just a dab" paint jobs.

It does look like it’s 3 levels stacked so you can use the interior....also noticed the stairs have slots to maybe slide a 25 mm base from wizkids (ie thin) so they stay in place on the stairs.


Tha ship mini was related to Ghosts of Saltmarsh because that book was about the sea and ships...
That book brought us vehicle rules too.
Could it be that the next September book brings us Fortresses rules... ala Birthright???

I hope so...
I had a similar thought. Usually these set piece "minis" are tied to an adventure path / book release. Does this look like anything from D&D lore that would hint a future release? Any ideas? I don like the Fortress rules idea, but this seems almost to specific for just that.

Unfortunately, despite playing for 30 years, my D&D lore is pretty poor because we only play homebrew campaigns.

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