Triadora: Land of Empires


World of Kulan DM
While the Fallenlands might be somewhat like Dark Sun and Al-Qadim in style, Triadora, the second largest continent on Kulan, is somewhat like Dragonlance. More specifically, like the region of Taladas ruled by a race of minotaurs but with a lot of different twists thrown in. Triadora is another of Kulan’s continents, which is dominated by barren terrain—deserts, harsh plains, desolate mountains, and very little water.

The minotaurs, who call themselves the Sons of the Horn (or horn minotaurs), rule about half of the continent. An unique race of reptilian humanoids, known as the Xanth, rule roughly another third of the continent. While the two races are always in conflict, neither race is stereotypically evil (although the Xanth are more ruthless) and both have developed a high culture based on trade. (Most believe that is why they don’t like each other.)

There are limited trading partners on Triadora and the two races never trust anyone who trades with the other. Thus, over the years they have fought dozens of trade wars both financially and physically. An uneasy peace exists at the moment but it's becoming like a lit powder keg and will soon explode into full-scale war once again.

The remainder of the continent is dominated by the Klorthak, a race of monstrous humanoids originally from another, unknown Material Plane. They live in walled, fortresslike cities and have a ferocious warrior ethic.

The other races of Triadora try to survive in between the three powerhouses and try to reap the benefits without getting killed in the process. These races—wemics, loxos, lupins, pickers, the urik-aa, valcos, and zebranaurs — tend to be nomadic.

The Wemics and Zebranaurs are tribal and tend to not get along (it’s a predator vs. prey sort of thing). Of all the races of Triadora, the Lupin are the most even tempered and are usually loners by nature. Pickers and Valcos, while not truly tribal, wander from place to place in small bands and family groups. They aren't always welcome in the cities of the three main races.

Like the other nomadic races, the Urik-aa (a race of high orcs), compete for the limited space that the desert provides. However, unlike most of the other races on Triadora the urik-aa respect the fact that the continent was originally home to only the Horn Minotaurs. Only wemics show more respect to the Horn Minotaurs than the urik-aa do.

Loxos, or Triadoran titanites, as they are sometimes called are a mysterious race that tends to keep to themselves. They do not worship the gods of Traidora. Instead, they worship the elements. Most of their shamans are elementalists. Loxos are the least nomadic of the other races as they prefer to settle down by middle age.

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