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TSR TSR CON is running at the same time as Gary Con in Lake Geneva


Always In School Gamer
TSR CON is running the same weekend as GaryCon XIV. The next chapter in the NuTSR saga begins...

  • Explicitly not checking vaccination status of attendees and no mask requirements.
  • Special Guests: Dave Johnson and Venger Satanis.
  • Unnamed TSR Alumni random encounters at the Con.
  • Featured Game: Star Frontiers New Genesis.
  • We now have a rival Con claiming to honor Gary Gygax's memory.
  • Ernie Gygax is promoting this on his FB page. Justin LaNasa has chimed in there.

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Always In School Gamer
I don't care bout the vaccine stuff but has Ernie been kicked out of GaryCon? I don't follow any of the drama.
He is allowed to attend, but will not be running games there as he disagrees with the Gary Con mask mandates at the tables. I guess he will be wearing a mask in the halls?

EDIT: I want to point out that Luke answered questions about Gary Con in Ernie's TSR Con FB post's comments. I am sure Luke is thrilled that a second Con is in the same city at the same time as his own, but Ernie is family.
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