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General Turgenev's Friday Freebie Maps


Nice. I'll send something this weekend. It's a location of some importance in my newest game, so I wanted it mapped for my use in Roll20, and... well... I am terrible and have no patience. :)

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Here is the May 22ndh, 2020 Friday Freebie map. Click to enlarge.

Map Details:
  • Areas 1 and 19 have pillars.
  • Areas 6 and 14 a) have covered pit traps.
  • Area 7 b) is a falling block trap.
  • Area 11 has a chute trap (in front of the statue).
  • Areas 11, 14 b), and outside areas 19 and 22 all have statues.
  • Area 14 has a raised platform leading up to the statue at area b).
  • Area 20 has bars/gate blocking access to area 21.
  • Area 22 has an open pit.
  • Area 23 has a tapestry.
  • The grey section running through areas 25 b), 28 b), and 31 is water.
  • Area 33 has a downward slope arrow.

I have an Enhanced version of this week's Friday Freebie for sale here: Friday Enhanced Map: 05-22-2020 - Paratime Design | Dungeon Maps | DriveThruRPG.com

The May 22nd, 2020 Friday Enhanced Map product contains a multi-layered PDF (allowing the options of white or black backgrounds, numbered or non-numbered areas, secret doors on or off, and grid or no grid, and all permutations) and a zip file with all relevant (16) map files as individual jpg images. All for a $2 (US)!


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