Two bits of feedback on N.E.W.


I've only had a cursory read through but I have two main points of feedback at the moment.

1) Have you considered, when presenting skills, changing from say "x2" to "+2"? I just wonder if there might not be some confusion on how the Skill Dice are added to the Ability Dice with the "x".

2) I love dice pool systems, and this is no different, but in running the D6 system for years, I've found after rolling so many dice for skill checks, things can get bogged down with a damage roll too. Have you considered having flat damage with some simple modification? So, say I have a rifle that does 4d6 of damage, it would do a flat 12 damage and could be modified based on your skill roll.

Modification 1 could be as simple as dividing the total skill roll by 3 and adding it to the flat damage. So if I rolled a 26 and I divide by say 3, my damage would be 9+12=21 points of damage.

Modification 2 could simply take the base damage and add the number of 6's rolled in the skill roll. So if I rolled a 2,5,6,6 and a 6,5,1, due to dice exploding, my total damage would be 12 +3 (number of 6's rolled) for 15 damage.

These are two simple initial bits based on my first pass. Heck, you may have already contemplated them and tossed them.

Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this.

Thanks for the inclusion.

Oh, by the way, I've already posted about N.E.W. on my blog:

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Well, that was fun
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That's one of those things that repeated play testing will answer. It can be tough to tell in advance how much something will affect speed of play, and "crunchy, not rules-lite, but fast " is a design goal. So that sort of thing, for sure, is the sort of info I'm after.

Flat damage certainly allows for greater granularity that xd6 does. And granularity is something I'm aiming at.

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