(The Fox)

Lesser Power of Good, CG (All Good)
Portfolio: Good Fortune, The Down Trodden
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 13

Weapons Allowed: Bludgeoning weapons, Slings
Armour Allowed: Any

Major Spheres:
As per Cleric.
Minor Spheres: As per Cleric.

Magic Items Allowed: Same as clerics.

Granted Powers:

  • Information Gathering - This skill is similar in many respects to the THIEF proficiency of the same name. It reflects the friendliness and trust shown to Tyche priests by those who stand in the grey areas of society.

  • Hospitality - The friendliness and non-judgemental nature of the Tyche faith has made her priests welcome almost everywhere they travel. They will find free food and lodging available at any hearth throughout the land and no reasonable request for aid will be refused.

Other Notes

Tyche's followers watch out for the interests of the common folke. They are a definite force for good, but while the Unicorns tend to fight the darkness in epic quests, the Fox's priests prefer to sway the balance through small deeds of kindness.

The Fox's priests commonly wear casual raiment, signs of wealth are rare and always unobtrusive. Usually the only indication that a person is a member of the clergy is the silver medallion of faith they all wear.

Tyche priests are often the bane of those people in power. Their popularity and unthreatening nature precludes any attempt to tarnish their image or take reprisals against them.But they continually advocate equality and justice for all of the folke be they thieves or nobles. Often their adversaries tend to underestimate them. But make no mistake, Tyche priests are usually fearless warriors and they make formidable enemies to any who would do evil to the people they protect.

Relationships with other Faiths:

Those that follow the evil faiths are often misguided pawns of the powers they worship. This does not mitigate their deeds, for some acts are unredeemable. But it does provide an explanation for the reasons behind such behaviour. The followers of Discanus are particularly dangerous as their plots tend to remain unseen until it is too late. They often gain the trust of their victims only to betray them at the most damaging time. The delight that is felt by the followers of the Weasel at this cruelty is unconscionable.

The neutral faiths are worthy of respect and most are on quite friendly terms with the Tyche church.

The other good faiths are allies of the Tyche church. Each has strengths which contribute to the overall effectiveness of the forces of good. The Alishankan's do much good but it is not uncommon for them forget their duty to the common folke. It is Tyche's place to remind them of their obligations and to guide them in the fight against evil.

The non-human faiths of goodness and neutrality are well regarded by Tyche followers, and the friendship is mutual.

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