Ukraine invasion

Instead of clogging up the hive thread, I hope it's okay that I started this thread to share news and other info regarding the war.

I heard an announcement that they were forming a legion for foreign fighters that want to join. Honestly, I too have thought about it. As silly as it sounds coming from me. I feel it would finally give my life or death some meaning. If I somehow survived I would seek to stay and help. If I died then hopefully it would mean someone else would live. I'm so overweight and unhealthy I would be laughed out of most situations. Maybe they're desperate enough to let me die for them.

All I need to know is to point the noisy end of the gun at the bad guys.
There are other ways you can help, like via donating to Ukraine's crypto wallet

or Want to support the people in Ukraine? Here's how you can help

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Guest 7034872

I hope it doesn't get closed. This is potentially a world altering event. While political, it goes beyond politics.
True. I wouldn't even say "potentially" anymore: I think they're past that now.

Still, I've a nasty hunch Parmandur might be right.




As long as pontificating on the evil/righteousness of either side isn't the goal, amd just information is imparted, I don't see it being a major issue. Once we get people saying X is right, Y is wrong. Yeah, then it gets political, otherwise, its just news.

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