Ukraine invasion


I think it's also likely rumor/wishful thinking/messing with Putin's head. I have also read unconfirmed rumors online that he has Parkinson's. And if any of it were true, I doubt we will get confirmation unless he dies from it (and maybe not even then).
Most likely it's out there to mess with his Strong Man riding a horse, shirtless, in the wilderness public persona.

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Dictators are not unlike 1970s football players forever plunging to the deck and writhing in agony only to suddenly recover just after the player who lightly brushed against them gets booked. It stirs the pot to see if potential rivals take a nibble at the hook, elicits sympathy and totally explains why you've not been on top form lately. Given Putin's recent form I'd expect clouds of magic spray on the ankle and a certain amount of lying back hands on head while concerned trainers mutter ominously.

And yes some of his ultra-nationalist chums would make staggeringly awful replacements. More or less swapping out Chucky for Bride of Chucky.

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