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5E Undead Apocalypse (Interest Check)


IC: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?559753-Undead-Apocalypse!

The dead have prevailed.

A hundred years ago, they rose. Countless masses of undead soldiers, crawling across the horizon, devouring everything in their path. Cities fell. Villages became ghost towns. And every body that fell, got back up again to join the ever growing chorus of undead groans.

For these undead creatures were new. They could pass on their condition to their victims. Most Humanoids became simple zombies. Stronger ones became ghouls, or ghasts. But the more powerful creatures, especially creatures and humanoids who had a great understanding of magic…

Dragons became Dracoliches, complete with all their power and intellect. Beholders became Death Tyrants. Paladin and other heroes rose again as Death Knights. Even the Mind Flayers were overrun, becoming Alhoon and Mind Flayer Liches. A few Wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks became Liches. These more powerful creatures reveled in their transformation, having been granted something only the most powerful Wizards had ever accomplished, and they used their power to dominate their territories.

Heroes rose up and fought, as they always had through the centuries. Men and women of great power, either chosen by the Gods or self made, these Heroes were a league above the ordinary rabble. They created safe zones, cities with wards and magics to keep the invading hordes out. They fought with everything they had. But one by one, they, themselves, fell. Only when they rose to join the Horde, they brought with them their power, now used for the enemy.

Now, there is one last city of hope. Waterdeep, the Jewel of the Sword Coast. It holds was is believed to be the last refuge of the free and the living. It has been a hundred years since the last Hero fell to the Hordes, but the wards still hold strong. It is safe.

Or is it?

You…you were born different. In you, the people are reminded of the Heroes of old, those who wielded great and mighty weapons against evil. There is a power in you, a potential most lack. Will you help save your world?

This is a high magic game set in an alternate Forgotten realms setting. The entire world has fallen to evil undead, basically creating the fantasy version of a Zombie Apocalypse. You will be helplessly outmatched. You will not fight zombies. You will fight Hordes of Zombies. You will not fight small creatures. You will fight Gargantuan creatures. Different territories around Waterdeep are controlled by powerful undead, who give direction and purpose to the mindless zombies around them. If you can defeat the “Boss” in each area, the zombies in that area will become much easier to deal with. If you can clear out an area, then you can help civilization spread there to fortify against further invasion.

You will start at level 1, and all publications and most UA are available, including the Mystic and Artificer. No Homebrew, please. You are welcome to tailor your characters to the setting. You will be fighting a lot of undead, so charm and those types of things are pointless, and divine power works wonders.

HOWEVER, you should probably not just forsake everything else. Undead will not the ONLY thing you face. I will be playing the Bosses to their fullest potential, which means they will likely target those who are more effective against undead first. Which means every minion will target them first. Paladin and Clerics will have a high mortality rate. They’re really going to shine in this setting, and if you can get them to higher levels they will be beast, but they will have a high mortality rate.

Starting at Level 1, I will be leveling you based on experience points earned. Kill more, level faster. Every now and then, I may boost you to the next level cause I feel like it, but for the most part, kill more, level faster. Downtime will be utilized after each mission, and you will have a direct effect on the growth of the free world.

· Stats: Standard Array
· HP: Max all the way
· Starting equipment: Normal
· Variant Human is fine
· ASI’s (if we get there): you get a Feat and an ASI instead of choosing

Basically, you will start with a selection of missions, and will have to decide which area you would like to tackle first. Liberating a fallen city might seem like suicide, what with the number of zombies they have, but they also have the best loot. A wilderness area might have fewer zombies, but also less loot, and the bosses are big regardless.

Let me know if you’re interested in taking up the call. You are needed! I’ll be accepting 4 players to start.
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BTW, I am going to be updating the Zombie template. It will have three different AC's. Make the lowest one, and you hit it but don't do much damage. Make the second one and you hit it center mass and do more damage. Hit the highest AC and you hit its head, killing it instantly. Each type of Zombie will have differing levels of each one.

Also, if you die, you will become a zombie. Depending on how powerful you are, you might become something more. I might let you keep playing as a bad guy, if you want, but we'll see.


o_O Oh yay... A zombie apocalypse? I've started to wonder if I should stick to just a few games. But this just sounds wild...

Squirrels are evil!


Wonderful! I have a friend who is going to play, so I'm reserving a spot for him.

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Interested, especially if Enfendas Irloso's Vecna game doesn't take off. I think the blade'lock I'm contemplating for that could work here - since necromancer doesn't seem like it would fit in.


Kobold Press put out Midgard Heroes for 5th Edition (from 13th Age) that includes a PC race option for a type of ghoul called a Darakhul. From the supplement:

"In the lightless depths beneath the ground, an empire of devouring ambition grows and plots and dreams. Its citizens call themselves the People, but the rest of Midgard calls them the Lords Subterranean, the Ghoul Imperium, or simply the Empire of the Ghouls. Their cities lie out of sight, their agents infiltrate the underworlds of a score of surface cities, and their goals know no limits.

"To them, if you are not a member of the People, you are food ..."

You might want to check it out both for the race and for ideas in general.


I'll take a look at that, thanks!

Necromancer is fine, I'd expect a lot of people start studying necromancy in order to help keep the undead away. Gotta be careful, though, cause the average person would be wary of them. Not necessarily hostile, but wary.

Xerksis "Zerk" Belaninen

Chaotic Good High Elf Outlander Mystic (Nomad) Level 1

AC 15 (Studded Leather)
HP 9
Hit Dice 1x (1d8+1)

Short Sword +5 (1d6+3)
Short Bow +5 (1d6+3)

[sblock=Skills & Abilities]
Str 10(+0) Dex 16 (+3) Con 12(+1) Int 16(+3) Wis 13(+1) Cha 8(-1)

Arcana +5
Athletics +2
History +5
Insight +3 *
Investigation +5 *
Perception +3 (Passive 13)
Survival +3

* Floating Skills per Long Rest (Breadth of Knowledge)

Intelligence Saves +5
Wisdom Saves +3

Musical Instrument (Fife)

Common, Elvish, Draconic

Class Abilities
Mystic 1 - Psionics - Talents x1, Disciplines x1, Psi Points x4 (Max 2)
Mystic 1 - Mystic Order (Nomad) - Nomadic Disciplines x2, Breadth of Knowledge


Psychic Focus - Your walking speed increases by 10' (to 40')
Rapid Step (1–7 psi) Bonus action - You increase your walking, climbing, and/or swim speed by 10' per psi point spent until the end of the current turn.
Agile Defense (2 psi) Bonus action - You take the Dodge action.
Blur of Motion (2 psi) Action - You are invisible during any of your movement during the current turn.
Surge of Speed (2 psi) Bonus action - Until the end of the current turn you don’t provoke opportunity attacks and you have a climbing speed equal to your walking speed.

Nomadic Chameleon
Psychic Focus - You have advantage on Stealth checks.
Chameleon (2 psi) Action - You can hide even if you fail to meet the requirements. At the end of the current turn, you remain hidden only if you then meet the normal requirements for hiding.

Nomadic Step
Psychic Focus After you teleport on your turn, while focused on this discipline, your walking speed increases by 10' until the end of the turn (once per turn).
Step of a Dozen Paces (1–7 psi) Bonus action - instead of moving this turn, you teleport up to 20' per psi point spent.

Delusion Action - You plant a false belief (a sound or image) in the mind of one creature you can see within 60' for 1 minute.
Only the target perceives the sound or image. If a sound, the volume can range from a whisper to a scream. It can be a voice, roar, music, etc.
If an object, it must fit within a 5-foot cube and can’t move or be reflective. The image can't influence a sense other than sight and disappears if the creature touches it.

Studded Leather & Traveller's Clothes
Shortbow & Quiver of 20 Arrows
Explorer's Pack (Backpack, Bedroll, Messkit, Rations, & Waterskin, Tinderbox & Torches, Rope)

A strange, wandering elf. Zerk is a peculiar, if friendly fellow.

Personality: He has different ideas on customs, manners, property, and personal space compared to normal folk
Ideals: Inquisitive - Everyone and everything is a fascination.
Bonds: Socialization comes awkwardly to him.
Flaws: He knows a little too much about the space between space, and it has left him very odd.


Looks great!

Just FYI to everyone, I do expect leveling up to be fairly quick. This game is going to be mission heavy. In other words, I'm planning on having about four or five missions available from the beginning, and you can do them in any order. When you accomplish a mission, and they will be difficult, you are awarded with Downtime, in which you can learn new things, help the town grow, or secretly try to take over the City! Whatever you want. I'm open to all types of characters, good, evil or otherwise. I do not mind people getting stabbed in the back in this game, and others shouldn't either.

That said, if you cause too much trouble, you could just die. Thems the breaks. So think of that when you're deciding to play a secretly evil character.

River Song

sounds really good mate, do you have restrictions of clerics etc. Not sure if I am going that way but it is worth asking the question.

Thanks for running this by the way, sounds like it will be fun and different. :)

River Song

Can we swap/sell starting equipment we start with?

For example, Chain shirt and scale mail both cost 50gp but I would prefer chain shirt (1 less AC but no stealth penalty).

Concept: Ranger, Human, Sailor - favoured enemy (undead) haha.

River Song

Dougal "Doogie" Macrhay

Dougal „Doogie“ Macrhay

Lawful Neutral Human Sailor Ranger Level 6

AC 16 (Chain Shirt, Dual Wielder)
HP 72
Hit Dice 6x (1d10+2)

Handaxe +7 (1d6+4) (S) 20/60
Long Bow +5 (1d8+2) (P) 150/600
Flail +7 (1d8+4) (B)

[sblock=Skills & Abilities]
Str 16 (+4) Dex 14 (+2) Con 14 (+2) Int 10 (+0) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 8(-1)

Athletics +7
Investigation +3
Perception +4 (Passive 19)
Religion +3
Stealth +5
Survival +4

Strength Saves +7
Con Saves +5

Tools: Navigators, Vehicles (Water)
Common, Aquan, Gnomish, Infernal

Class Abilities
Favoured Enemy: Undead, Fiends – Advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track favoured enemy and Intelligence to recall information about them.
Favoured Terrain: Coastal, Forest – When making and Intelligence or Wisdom check related to your terrain, your proficiency bonus is doubled.
Primeval Awareness
Hunter Archetype: Horde Breaker
Fighting Style: Two Weapon

1st (4 slots): Hunter's Mark, Cure Wounds
2nd (2 Slots): Darkvision, Pass without Trace

Feat: Dual Wielder
Feat Level 4: ASI (+2 Str) and Observant (+1 Wis and +5 to PP and PI)

Chain Shirt & Common Clothes
Long Bow & Quiver of 20 Arrows
Handaxes x2
Explorer's Pack (Backpack, Bedroll, Messkit, Rations, & Waterskin, Tinderbox & Torches, Rope)
Blaying Pin
50ft Silk Rope

Sailor: Passage

Personality: My friends know they can rely on me no matter what.
Ideals: Fairness. We all do the work, so we all share in the rewards.
Bonds: I’ll always remember my first ship.
Flaws: I follow orders, even if I think they are wrong.
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Alright! So I got to run this campaign this weekend for a good two and a half sessions in person. It went great. In fact, it went so great, that I'm going to actually write this as a campaign to put on the DM Guild when it's finished. It's a pretty big one, but I think it'll be awesome!

What I've decided to do with it is include all my favorite things about DND that never get played with, so the bosses will be way over your head, and hordes of creatures will be coming at you. If you die, you become a greater undead (like a Death Knight or something like that), and are now a bad guy working against the rest (and I'll actually start a Evil Thread for those people).

I'm actually going to start you at level 6, not level 1. If I start you at level 1, you won't make it past the first encounter.

Also, I will be including a buttload of magical items, many of which will be legendary. Because let's face it, a level 6 party should not beat what I have in store for you. You will still have to earn said items, but they will help to even the playing field just a little.

Word to the wise, people always say Champion Fighters are the weakest form of Fighter, but give them a Vorpal Sword, and all of a sudden that 19 crit becomes EPIC. This weekend, my brother decapitated a Dracolich on his first hit. And when it reformed in a new body later, he did it again...and he had disadvantage. He rolled a 19, and then a 20. Crit either way. Decapitated on first hit. And he was level 7.

So basically, if you play the game right, you could be equipped with the best weapons and items in the game. I will be including artifacts. I will be including Sentient Weapons. And they will be tailored to your character's strengths.

The point of this game is not treasure hunting. It is fighting back the Undead Apocalypse and helping to rebuild civilization. But, instead of earning Rare loot, then Very Rare, then when you get high enough getting Legendary, we're just going to skip the middle man and let you get the good stuff.

But you will have to earn it. It's possible to do what the group this weekend did, and grab all of it on the first adventure, which helps tremendously on the rest, but it's going to be hard as crap to actually do.

Also, those two characters look great so far. Update them to level 6, and let's see if we can get a few more people! The more join, the more likely you'll survive!

Trying to be good and not get in anymore games but this one sounds like such fun. Think I might just breakdown and make up a character. Now what do I want to play. Maybe a ranger or monk.


Eladrin is fine.

Yeah, sticking to my guns there. The group will be able to requisition equipment from the city, but overcrowding, not enough food, rampant disease, constant assaults on the city walls, and not enough good weapons and armor to supply the city guard all means there's not a lot to go around.

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