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I have short stories, novels, homebrewed campaigns, jewelry designs, painting series, and musical compositions that are currently incomplete, many of which are likely to remain that way.


A Wicked Kendragon
I don't know if anyone remembers this (or even saw it), but there was a television show called Freedom that aired back in 2000. 20 episodes that were haphazardly put together about a group of resistance fighters who are trying to fight back against a coup in the USA. I remember the show having a really small budget and that totally showing, but I really enjoyed it. It only aired once here, and then completely vanished. Story never got close to completion. I've been trying to track it down, but I only have the first 7 episodes as a really poor condition VHS copy that I bought from someone back in the day (and they say the last 7 episodes didn't even air in the US. They did elsewhere, like here and South America and Spain, I think).

Another show that seems to vanished from the public consciousness that I liked was Keen Eddie, about an american cop trailing a bad guy to the UK, and then staying there to solve crimes with a team that he was put into. Really fun show, awesome soundtrack (which you can't get, because they've gone and removed it from the DVD's for licensing reasons).


I remember Freedom. They had special gifts also, right?
Goes on the list with
Space: Above and Beyond
The Dresden Files
Many other scifi shows that met an untimely early death.


A Wicked Kendragon
I wouldn't really say that they had special gifts (beyond their training), but they were doing crazy martial arts moves in the fight scenes. Running on walls. Making ridiculously high jump kicks and stuff.

Thanks for reminding me about Space: Above and Beyond. That show had one of the best plot twists when they find out why the aliens were attacking them.

Ralif Redhammer

For stuff that's influenced me, I'd go with Tolkien's unfinished works. The stuff he didn't finish really transforms the experience of his finished writings.

As far as stuff I'm in the process of creating, as a musician, I think no song is ever truly finished. It's just when it's ready to be recorded.

Gaming-wise, I’d go with one of my last 3e campaign. It ended on a cliffhanger with the PCs stuff adrift in the Darklake. We ended up moving to Castles & Crusades not long after that, though, and never looked back. I feel a little bad about those poor characters, left in such an unresolved place.


"Space: Above and Beyond" suffered from the unlikely pretty people issue, but I really enjoyed it anyway.

I've got something like 6 chainmail and leather projects in various conditions of partial completion, that I really need to get to.


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As well as playing RPGs, I'm a miniature war-gamer & modeler. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Ancients/Historical, Superheroes, WWII-present, planes, boats, tanks, + terrain.....
My spare bedroom (aka: the gaming room - though we actually don't play any games in it. It's more of a workshop/lab. :)) holds no end of unfinished & WIP miniatures projects.

Media wise? My only real wish/regret concerns GoT getting finished bookwise.
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