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Unusual Food Thread


Tan slice. Not sure if you can get it outside NZ.


Knife for scale. Kinda like a shortbread with half an inch of caramel on top with chocolate and biscuit topping.

Recipe idk if you can get golden syrup overseas. It's basically liquid suger.

Edit. It's a type of treacle.
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Living in the "Pavlova Paradise" this is a Pavlova. You probably won't find it outside Australia/New Zealand.


It's a soft meringue pie sorta topped with whipped cream and usually strawberries or kiwi. Any berries or cherries also works.

This one has peach slices and candy sprinkles.

Our equivalent of apple pie I suppose. Christmas tradition or there about.


Ah, the unusual food thread—always a treasure trove of culinary adventures! One time, I stumbled upon this quirky little food truck dishing out Korean corn dogs. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted before! Crispy on the outside, cheesy on the inside, with unexpected toppings that took it to the next level. It just goes to show, sometimes the most unusual foods can end up being the most delicious surprises!
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