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Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
Seems like a Forest Gnome Wizard, a Bard, a Ranger, and a Druid would make for a very solid scouting party.

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I imagine a Ranger and Druid would make an excellent scouting team. Druid flies above while Ranger scouts below. Ranger casts Speak with Animals, to occasionally communicate with Druid (can even be cast as a Ritual, so 10 minutes to cast and no spell slot used). If Ranger gets in trouble the Druid can fly back to get help.

Perhaps the Bard in the party casts Speak with Animals, talks to the Druid in their bird form, and the Druid can then fly back out again without ever changing into their humanoid form.

Rangers don't have ritual casting.

Has it occurred to anyone that a Paladin can ride a Druid in say horse or tricerotops form as a mount? The druid is an even better mount then a paladin's usual mount. And the druid benifits from the extra protection.

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