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Upgraded to https! Please report bugs!

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Don’t know if I was in http or not for sure, but I think I was in https: I was in a thread and tapped reply with quote, got no response beyond the forever spin.

Double tapped it and got the dialog window...still sans editing controls. When I hit reply, it took its sweet time, but ultimately posted my response.


A Wicked Kendragon
I also notice that when I go to edit a post I have all of the text editing functionality enabled and working.

Edit: hmm, actually that doesn't apply for every post. Odd.


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“Bugs, Mr. Rico. Zillions of em!”


Well, that was fun
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Can we keep this just to bug reports, please, folks? [MENTION=52905]darjr[/MENTION] needs to be able to spot the new issues easily. Thanks!


I crit!
Thanks for the input folks!

Hunting down the http references in this beast should fix these issues. Those are mainly what I need to find and change. Some are very complicated and generated via code so grepping the database and code for them misses a lot of them.


Victoria Rules
Can't xp those who reported the same issues I'm having, so they'll have to be virtual xp this time. :)


I'm also having the no formatting icons but they reappear when not using https..for a second there I thought the site had gone full Mobil friendly lol


Can't give XP or laugh, no formatting tools for reply (keyboard shortcuts for formatting don't work, either), reply with quote doesn't work (unless you double-click on it for some reason).

I'm adding in this fentence to see if it borks the paragraph beaks, like it does for other people. Edit: It didn't, so there's that.

Yeah, this update is a real mess.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
https://www.enworld.org/forum/showt...dice-rolling&p=7616811&viewfull=1#post7616811 This post is supposed to have multiple paragraph breaks. I've edited it at least twice, and it keeps compressing into this unreadable wall of text. EDIT: This post was also supposed to have multiple line breaks. EDIT: Also I am having the same problem reported by dannyalcatraz. EDIT: Apparently not, on both fronts. Problem seems to be intermittent. EDIT: Problem seems to be intermittent across multiple edits of the same post. EDIT: https://www.enworld.org/forum/showt...-amp-Dragons&p=7616724&viewfull=1#post7616724

I had the same problem, tried editing a post half a dozen times - linefeeds were becoming spaces. Same for posting and previewing.

I went to setting, switched from WYSIWYG editor to the Standard (? not basic) editor and now it seems to work.

I do like the WYSIWYG editor.


40th lv DM
Can't give XP/Laughs,
No format/editing tools beyond smiles
Quoting won't work for me at all
And I keep getting assorted Display only Secure Content prompts


I cannot use reply with quote. Chrome says that the site is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources.


Can't XP/Laugh - especially Danny's Starship Troopers :)
Can't even quote/multiquote...
Edit also has issues.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Just got this after posting a notice at the top of the screen:

"400 Bad Request

The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port


I'm currently finding quote works with a double click, but not a single click. Can anybody confirm?
I can indeed confirm that. Also, mark me as another having issues with giving XP. At first thought it was on my end, so I logged out then logged back in, but even that was a problem at first, as the login wouldn't take, until I closed the tab and followed a link from the weekly email (which fortunately I hadn't deleted yet). So logins may be another bug issue.


I'm currently finding quote works with a double click, but not a single click. Can anybody confirm?
Yes, works for me, too (with double click, not on single click). Other than that, I also have the XP/laugh issue (only in desktop view, mobile view seems to work). It seems that you still load a couple of Javascript files over an insecure connection (images, too, but Firefox is more lenient here).


Morkus from Orkus
I'm currently finding quote works with a double click, but not a single click. Can anybody confirm?

I can confirm that it works to quote, but there is still a bug with it. It condenses the quote into paragraph form when it's not supposed to be. For example...

First 1
Second 2
Third 3
Fourth 4
Fifth 5

Gets turned into...

First 1Second 2Third 3Fourth 4Fifth 5

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