Upgraded to https! Please report bugs!

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I can confirm that it works to quote, but there is still a bug with it. It condenses the quote into paragraph form when it's not supposed to be. For example...

First 1
Second 2
Third 3
Fourth 4
Fifth 5

Gets turned into...

First 1Second 2Third 3Fourth 4Fifth 5
testing quote


A Wicked Kendragon
I'm thinking we're seeing different behaviour from different browsers to the http/https switch. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache? (I doubt that that's the issue, but you never know)


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Clearing browser may help.

also if you MUST you can 'trust' the site and it should work much better for you. But! There are non https links still. Mostly images and javascript at this point.


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Same issues as others reported. Cleared cache and reset device. The issues still persist.
On Firefox and the web address in the bar at top says https but has the little yellow triangle warning over the lock. When I click the Forum Home link, that page stays https and the triangle goes away and the lock changes to green. Then when I click on any of the actual forums, it goes back to the yellow triangle over the lock. So there is some specific issue in the actual forums, but not the website itself?

edit: then, after I did an edit and saved changes, the lock went back to green, but my post is the only one showing for me on the current page of replies, so that may be a fluke. And when I went to make my second edit to add this, the edit post page went back to the insecure yellow triangle again.
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Update: for me at least, things seem to be working again as normal at the moment - I can give xp, reply-with-quote works, and so on - though it seems a bit slower than before.


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Just gave XP to Lan-I tested the bugs and they seem OK right now-efan to test if it was just works for him.

Also, I seem to have editing tools back!


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There are still a few non https links giving those warnings. Most of the functionality seems to be there. Thanks for the help folks!


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Does this post have an XP from me? (This is a test, to see if the bug is fixed.)
Yeah. They seem to have fixed the exp bug and quoting bug. I'm not positive about the edit bug since I haven't edited a post yet, but I imagine that one is fixed, too.


Closing the announcement banner that states the switch to HTTPS and the link to this thread generates a 'redirect error' saying that the location does not exist. It is point to a HTTP locations.
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