USA's Frankenstein

Stone Angel

It was an intresting twist on an old favorite. I thought it was descent. I think they would have been better off just making one though.

The Seraph of Earth and Stone


I was wondering what the movie was supposed to be:

a pilot to a series?
a pilot to a miniseries??
the first in a trilogy???

It doesn't seem like it would make a very good series. But I think it would have made an excellent miniseries. I liked the concept of the
Dr Helios and his creations and his attempt to replace humanity...
. But I'm not sure there's enough there to make a decent series... it would just end up being, monster of the week stories and it would never resolve the central plot.

Does anyone know what USA intends to do with it?


From what rumors that I have read, Frankenstein may be a weekly tv series if the movie ratings were good.