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Vampires roasting on an open fire...

Achan hiArusa

I have been working on my d20 to WoD converter (specifically the 20th Anniversary Vampire the Masquerade Edition), so here is an early Halloween present for all you darklings:

Great Wyrm Red Dragon
Physical: Str 10, Dex 3, Sta 7
Mental: Per 6, Int, 6, Wits 4
Social: Cha 6, Man 6, App 7

Talents: Alertness 9, Athletics 2, Awareness 4, Brawl 12, Empathy 9, Intimidation 9, Leadership 9, Subterfuge 9
Skills: Etiquette 9, Firearms 6, Larceny 3
Knowledges: Academics 9, Investigation 9, Occult 4
Unspent: 17 (Place on skills not listed, none should be higher than 4)

Attack: Claw (Brawl) +4L, Bite (Brawl) +5L, Wing Slap +3B, Tail Slap +2B, Fire Breath (Firearms) +15A (can be dodged with Dex + Athletics, if the character has already taken an action he may dodge by spending a willpower point and taking a -2 penalty to his die pool. Also since the damage is so high allow soak without fortitude at difficulty 8)

Soak: Bashing 20, Lethal 20, Aggravated 20, Magic Resistance 6 (treat as Arete or Thaumaturgical Countermagick for countering magic).

Special: Immune to fire, takes aggravated from cold damage, Can turn into human form 3 times per day.

Disciplines: Auspex 6 (Clairvoyance), Celerity 5 (for claw/claw/bite/wing slap/tail slap combo only), Dominate 2, Protean 1, Presence 3, Thaumaturgy 5 (Hands of Destruction 5, Movement of the Mind 5, Path of Conjuring 5, Path of Corruption 5, Weather Control 5; Rituals: (Level 1) Bind the Accusing Tongue, Devil’s Touch, Illuminate the Trail of Prey, Widow’s Spite, (Level 2): Donning the Mask of Shaodws, Eyes of the Night Hawk, Recure of the Homeland, (Level 3): Clinging of the Insect, Flesh of Fiery Touch, Incorporeal Passage, Mirror of Second Sight, (Level 4): Bone of Lies, Ward vs. Kindred, (Level 5): Blood Contract, Enchant Talisman)

Health Levels: Bruised (x6), Hurt -1 (x6), Injured -1 (x6), Wounded -2 (x6), Mauled -2 (x5), Crippled -5 (x5), Incapacitated (x5)
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Achan hiArusa

So? Sometimes I like to tell a story without having to deal with PCs who can survive suborbital drops nor ones who been "built" from the web instead of being personalized characters. Sometimes I don't and I like having my builds and being able to survive swimming in hot lava. This is a case of the former.

And yes, I own a copy. It's somewhere and I'm not really at all bothered to look for it not when I have such excellent games such as Exalted, Trinity, Vampire the Masquerade, and the (new) World of Darkness which are almost always next to my desk.
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