Very experienced groups?

John Dallman

During yesterday's gaming session, I wondered how many total years of experience the players and GM had. We ranged from 36 to 44 years, with a total of about 268-69 between the seven of us. I don't believe this can be any kind of record, but I'd be interested to know how far off the median it is?


My current group has only been together for about a year. I'd say the individual average is probably about 10 years of gaming experience.


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Our current group has been together about 20 years I think. We all played long before this group met though. Total person years about 30x7 = 210 years? Ish? Some longer than 30 some less, but I don't know the exact numbers.
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I'm in a group that's been playing since the late-nineties, though I only joined in the mid-aughts. I think all of us started in the early-eighties-ish.

My other groups are almost-two years old and about about-half-a-year old.


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Are you asking in term of person years together as the particular group, or sum total person years game experience?

John Dallman

Are you asking in term of person years together as the particular group, or sum total person years game experience?
Sum total of person-years. The group I was talking about has existed since the early 2000s, although all the participants have been role-playing since the 1970s or 1980s.

The idea of a group which had been together since the 1980s did not occur to me; I've never heard of one lasting that long, nor do I expect experienced players to participate in only one group.

Olaf the Stout

Myself and 1 other player have been playing together for about 13 years. Another for about 12 years. The remaining 4 have been playing in our group for about a decade. So that’s 78 years just playing together in our group between the 7 of us. Myself and the other original member have about a decade more experience outside this group and another player has experience going back to the 80’s, so we’d probably have over 100 years of gaming between us all.


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One group recently downsized 6 (5 players + DM) based around regular attendance, and I have the most, playing for 38-39 years, with the next at least a decade less. I'd estimate <150 people years total.

The other group I've known mostly since college, say around 220-240 years total experience.

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In my group we have 3 players who played in the 1e era (I'll say thats 40 years each) and 3 players who started with 3e (20 years each).

That puts my group at an estimated 180 years of gaming experience.


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Let's see. I run multiple groups, but I'd wager my alpha group has the most collective xp. We have at least 252 years between us (7 players + me).

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The core of our group has gamed together since the end of the 1970s (yeah, most of us are that old); a quick estimate of total RPG experience puts us in a similar range to the OP


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In my game there's 5 of us who have been together more or less since the early 80s for 4 of us and since the early 90's for the other.

Total in years, including other games, would be something like [41 + 40 + 38] + 38 + 28, so 175-ish years all in.

In the game I play in there's more and different players with the bracketed ones overlapping; there it's more like [41 + 40 + 38] + 40 + 41 + 25 + 20* giving a total of 245-ish.

* - I'm not sure about the 20, might have done more before joining our crew but I don't know of it.


Our group (7) has been playing together since the early 90’s but most have been playing since the 70’s. Approx 280 years. We still have TPKs.


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Myself, I've got about 39 years of it. The dude who taught me and is my core gaming buddy has a couple of more years on that.


Our average is nowhere close to the OP's. Half of us are really old-timers from 1975-77. One of whom has been playing in my campaigns more or less consistently since 1981. The other half are our kids in their late teens and early twenties - they are really bringing our average down!