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Can anyone tell me how to post just a link to a youtube video without the video getting embedded in the post? I was going to make a reply to a movie question and gives links to a few movie trailers but the system automatically puts a video window in the post. That gets a little distracting when you've got four or five of them in the middle of what you're trying to say. Are there any work arounds for this or will I just have to do it with the video windows if I want the links?

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You could put the videos inside spoiler blocks like this:

[sblock=Video in here][ame=]Oasis - Supersonic[/ame][/sblock]


I recall if you put text on the same line as the link (ie, without hitting enter to put them on different lines, regardless of how the wordwrap ends up making it appear), it won't embed. I'll try to test...

[sblock]Here's a preview of the new D&D movie! [ame=]YouTube - "SHINE ON ME" Music Video by CHRIS DANE OWENS[/ame][/sblock]

EDIT: Crap, it didn't work...


Well, that was fun
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Well, I hadn't tried that one (the s-block trick) in my experiments using the preview post button. It might be the best solution. Thanks.

Just tried something else- apparently you can get just a link if it's quoted.

I wonder why that doesn't embed the vid? Probably to avoid multiplying embeds if people quote each other.

Well I've just learned something new! :)

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So I just noticed something while making another post. Way down on the post screen, there's a checkbox that says "Automatically embed media (requires automatic parsing of links in text to be on)." Assuming the preview works the way the final post will, unchecking that box will turn off embedding of videos for that post.

The Clash - Bankrobber

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