Virtual Happy Hour (Brews & Spirits, Pics & Reviews)


Mm. That seems the most common symptom: exhaustion.

Yeah, it'd be foolhardy not to.

Sorry the beers didn't arrive. Especially when you're stuck in the house like that, a few simple pleasures can make a big difference.

Think they were out popular brand. Shelves often clear out early on the variety packs.

I have a supermarket with walking distance as well but not gonna go there for obvious reasons.

Not gonna ask family to do a beer run lol.

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The hard stuff.



Cry havoc! And let slip the pigs of war!
look. I am no no connoisseur. I can tell from this thread that I don’t have the cultured palate that some of you do.

Let’s be real. I like to drink a lot of beer over a long time…grilling, partying playing D&D!

So on vacation on the Oregon coast I found a variety of local beers and chose one with a 4.2 ABV. Here you will see I am drinking it by the ocean, with a can cozy from a local souvenir shop. That right! I am all class!

It’s hoppy for me…but good. Got another in the fridge. I flew 1000s of miles to drink this beer and take this picture. I am about to go out to the beach again…but before I go, here you go!

Yachat’s “See See Lager” in a Pirate’s Plunder cozy from Newport Oregon.

I could see guzzling 3-4 of these while eating a giant plate of calamari and halibut down at MO’s by the bay. For an intermission I would go watch the sea lions who are some of the cutest creatures ever.

Might got get me another one come to think of it.


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Cry havoc! And let slip the pigs of war!
A simple, unassuming black & tan that's honest, cheap, and good.

Let me tell you something…

I am a midwesterner that cannot get this…but years ago, running up the east coast with friends from grad school, I had this right from the can.

I still remember the taste many years later. I look for it whenever On vacation. I always find the lager but not this.

This friends, is good stuff. I am not a beer snob though so ymmv. But it tasted good…and I shall have it again one day!


Edmund's Oast - Leather Jacket American Porter. 85=Very Good (3.74/5), 6.5% ABV.

"Leather Jacket is a take on the American Porter style, expressing round notes of earthy chocolate and oak, brought together with a touch of sweet caramel. Centennial hops hint at citrus orchards in bloom."

A very solid, not sweet porter. I didn't notice anything like a "citrus orchard in bloom."


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