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D&D 5E Volo's 5e vs Tasha's 5e where do you see 5e heading?

Volo's 5e vs Tasha's 5e is how I see 5e. Volo's 5e is all the pre Tasha's 5e, explified by Volo's Guide to Monster races as the original 5e, with Tasha's changes and the other changes to 5e and FR that appear in TCoE and after like VRGtR linaeges/races.

TCoE was increasingly a minor edition change and its effects are apart of a major shift in approaches to 5e we see now. This has so far had major implications for settings like Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms so far and mechanics and its just starting.

Where do you see 5e heading.

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Removal or de emphasis on Alignment.

Eberron style approach to Lineage.

Absolutely a removal of any kind of cultural or ability restrictions based on Lineage.

Player choice, flexibility of the rules, will trump any kind of world building restrictions, and the older views on how various fantasy lineages are presented and codified will be neglected or outright removed.

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Where do you see 5e heading.

5e will increasingly add options and become more diffuse. At some point in the future, it will be difficult to tell if a table is playing "5e" or "5.5e" or using various player options or what have you.

Concomitant with that, sales of the core rulebooks (PHB, DMG) will plateau and decline.

When that happens, Hasbro will release "D&D" again. They will not refer to it by a version number, but we will call it 6e. They will just continue to call it 5e, but it will have rule modifications and changes incorporated from the past X years as well as streamlining the game, in a manner similar to the 1e/2e transition (in other words, it will be largely compatible with 5e, but still spur people to purchase new product).

They will definitely release an "Advanced D&D 5E" line in parallel to the main 5E line. It will have lots of small differences that make converting support material between the two an extra chore, and split the revenue stream. Eventually support for the line will almost entirely rest on media tie ins, which of course could not possibly ever falter.

I mean really, why not repeat the past? It worked out for TSR.


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5.5 or 6e, for sure. They said they wouldn't do revisions of core books, but it has also been over five years.


The changes that took place at around TCoE are here to stay. However, they do not signal more changes. 5E will continue to run for quite a while, yet. For the most part, I think we'll see evolutions to the game in the same way we're seeing them for Dragonborn and the Ranger - "Let me give you some optional abilities to choose from rather than being stuck with the unpopular/underpowered ones originally included".


It's a significant marker in the gradual evolution of the game, but it's not as radical as all that.
I think at the same time it was so gradual in so many ways that very little if anything actually changed. Is the game really different now because dwarf can make a great choice for a wizard or because custom lineage allows a strength based kobold barbarian?... to an observer or even another player at the table very little if anything has changed.

To answer the OP's question I think what it shows is that anyone who dislikes areas of 5e sitting on what wotc considers a third rail should be looking even harder at alternatives to d&d 5e like anime5e & levelup.


As someone who didn't turn to 5E until five years after it was released (literally didn't even look at it for those first five years), all this talk of 5.5E or 6E is disconcerting. Give me my five years of futzing with the current rules first! :ROFLMAO:
It is not happening, so you don't have to worry. FYI, people were talking about 5.5e / 6e only 2-3 years into the edition. Someone is always talking about it.


As someone who didn't turn to 5E until five years after it was released (literally didn't even look at it for those first five years), all this talk of 5.5E or 6E is disconcerting. Give me my five years of futzing with the current rules first! :ROFLMAO:
Just because another edition comes out doesn’t men u can’t play a different one.


Short rest abilities are also on the brink of extinction, replaced by prof bonus per long rest.
This is probably the most interesting one to me.

The focus on flexibility... all of that is "play what you want" kind of style, I think just gradually accommodating how people play things, the little house rules that a lot of tables pick up (DM can I do X? Sure you can X). Its nice that its codied, but I have a feeling a lot of people were just doing it already.

The one above is one of the mechanical changes that Tasha's introduced that might stick around for future work.

Not sure how to compare the two
VOLO's GUIDE TO MONSTERS was a monster book and TASHA'S CAULDRON OF EVERYTHING was a player accessory

Each edition changes with each book. It evolves as the design changes
They do something to fix classes or races or monsters
You can see that in the evolution of powers between PH, PH2, and PH3 in 4th Ed. Or the change in monsters between MM and MM3 and MONSTER VAULT

The game will change as people give feedback and the writers make changes to accommodate that feedback
To look at what the next two or three expansions will do, look at what people are saying about DnD on Twitter or TikTok

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