Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2023!

As we do every year, it's time to vote for the most anticipated tabletop roleplaying game of the coming year! Here is last year's Top 10 (spoiler: the winner was Free League's Blade Runner). Previous winners include 13th Age (2013), Star Wars Force & Destiny (2015), Rifts for Savage Worlds (2016), Trudvang Chronicles (2017), Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition (2018), Savage Worlds Adventure...

Vote for your most anicipated RPG(s) of 2023 (up to 3 votes allowed)

  • 13th Age, 2nd Edition (Pelgrane Press)

  • Apocalypse Keys (Evil Hat Productions)

  • Beyond Dread Portals (D101 Games)

  • Brindlewood Bay: Cozy Mystery RPG (The Gauntlet Gaming Community)

  • CBR+PNK: Augmented (Mythopoeia)

  • Cities Without Number (Kevin Crawford / Sine Nomine Publishing)

  • Code Warriors RPG (NerdBurger Games)

  • Cohors Cthulhu (Modiphius)

  • Cowboy Bebop the RPG (Mana Project Studio)

  • DIE The Roleplaying Game, (Rowan, Rook & Decard)

  • Dragonbane / Drachar och Demoner (Free League)

  • Elden Ring (Group SNE)

  • Fight with Spirit (Storybrewers Roleplaying)

  • Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game, (Cephalofair Games)

  • The Gun Belt (Reel Fun Studios)

  • Heroes of Cerulea (Bläckfisk Förlag)

  • Heroes & Hardships (Earl of Fife Games)

  • HeXXen 1733 (Ulisses Spiele)

  • His Majesty The Worm (Rise Up Comus)

  • Household (Two Little Mice)

  • ICON (Massif Press)

  • Into The Mother Lands (Andrews McMeel Publishing)

  • Kids on Bikes: Second Edition (Hunter Books)

  • King Arthur Pendragon, 6th Edition (Chaosium)

  • Labyrinth Lord, 2nd edition (Goblinoid Games)

  • Lords of the Middle Sea (Chaosium)

  • Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme (Exalted Funeral)

  • Moonlight On Roseville Beach (R. Rook Studio)

  • Mothership 1e (Tuesday Knight Games)

  • Necrobiotic (Penny for a Tale)

  • Old Gods of Appalachia (Monte Cook Games)

  • The Paragon Blade (Pelgrane Press)

  • Paranoia Perfect Edition (Mongoose)

  • Pinebox Middle School (Pinnacle)

  • Pioneer (Mongoose)

  • Salvage Union (Leyline Press)

  • Shadow of the Weird Wizard (Schwalb Entertainment)

  • Shadowdark (The Arcane Tower)

  • Stonetop (Jason Lutes / Lampblack & Brimstone)

  • Subversion (Fragging Unicorn Games)

  • Misspent Youth: Fall in Love, Not in Line (Fragging Unicorn Games)

  • Tokyo Otherscape (Son of Oak Studio)

  • Urban Shadows 2e (Magpie Games)

  • The Walking Dead Universe RPG (Free League)

  • Warhammer 40K Imperium Maledictum (Cubicle 7)

  • War Stories (Firelock Games)

  • Witch: Fated Souls 2E (Angry Hamster Publishing)

  • Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast (Possum Creek Games)

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As we do every year, it's time to vote for the most anticipated tabletop roleplaying game of the coming year! Here is last year's Top 10 (spoiler: the winner was Free League's Blade Runner). Previous winners include 13th Age (2013), Star Wars Force & Destiny (2015), Rifts for Savage Worlds (2016), Trudvang Chronicles (2017), Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition (2018), Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (2019), Dune (2020 & 2021), and Twilight 2000 (2021), and Blade Runner (2022). What will be the most anticipated RPG of 2023?

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We took nominations. Now it's time to vote. What will be the most anticipated RPG of 2022? You can vote for up to 3 games. Voting will be open for 2 weeks, until January 3rd.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why isn't my favourite game nominated? Did you nominate it?
  • Why isn't my nomination on the list? Check the nomination thread. If you made a valid nomination (name, link) and it's not in the poll, let me know ASAP so I can add it. The most common reasons for a game's nomination being invalid is because it's already available. Check DTRPG and make sure you can't already buy it there.
  • Did I make a mistake? Almost certainly. If you spot a game on the list which doesn't qualify (usually because it's already available!) let me know so I can remove it.
  • How does a game qualify? It must have been nominated by you in the nomination thread with a valid formatted nomination, it must be a standalone tabletop RPG (not a setting, adventure, supplement, etc.), and it's projected release date to the general public (not just Kickstarter backers) should be in 2023.

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First Post
Pendragon 6th is being written via Greg Stafford’s guidance. It was his notes and his plan to release a 6th edition. He began work on it a decade ago. It will be his name on the credits.
Also, the lead now is Dave Larkins, who worked extensively with Greg Stanford previously. He has already written for Pendragon in the last edition. I am stoked for 6th.


Several of these were games I have backed on Kickstarter so it was a bit of a tough choice.

Dragonbane, aka Drakar och Demoner is a game that I have always been interested in seeing translated into English, and when Swedish gaming powerhouse Free League announced that they had obtained the rights to produce the latest edition and had plans to make it available in English, I jumped right on it. I know that it’s virtually a clone of Chaosium’s RuneQuest, but I am a long time fan of Chaosium and their skill based system and Free League has never disappointed in quality.

Paranoia is just fun. Everything about the game just screams cartoonish antics. I also really enjoy Mongoose’s work, especially on Traveller, as well as their previous editions of Paranoia. I’m definitely intrigued with what will be going into their next edition of the game.

Lastly, I had to give my vote to Pendragon 6e. As I previously mentioned, I am a big fan of Chaosium. I am also an avid fan of Arthurian lore. I have long awaited a chance to own a copy of Pendragon and very nearly picked up the 5th edition until Chaosium announced a 6th edition was in the works. Although it’s a game I don’t think that I’ll ever play, it’s a game I absolutely look forward to both as a resource and a testament to Greg Stafford’s legacy.

Runners up for me are Mothership 1e and DIE.

I remember getting the pdf for Mothership shortly after it was released. The game is exceptionally well thought out and perfectly laid out. The character sheet is intuitive and really requires no foreknowledge of the game to fill out as all of its instructions are right there and easy to follow. The game uses a similar d100 skill system to Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu with some tweaks and really works well with the tension and horror elements presented in the game. But all that is Tuesday Knight Games’ “Zero Edition”. The new 1st Edition looks to refine these elements and work out any kinks from the earlier edition. Plus, with crowdfunded assets, better production quality, and a new format presented in an old school box set, it should be a welcome update.

DIE hits a little closer to me for a very different reason. Based on the Image comic book by Keiron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, it asks what if you, as the player, suddenly got transported into the TTRPG you were playing and became your character. One part Jumanji, one part D&D, it has a different feel than other fantasy RPGs as you will also have to create your real world persona. (Feel free to play as yourself, but beware, you might just get sucked into the game!)
Keiron Gillen just might be my favorite modern comic book writer. I’ve been a fan of his since his run on Journey into Mystery for Marvel Comics which followed a young, reborn Loki as he attempted to save Asgard from the shadows whilst being treated with scorn and mistrust for the actions of his prior incarnation. Hey, Loki’s gonna Loki, am I right? I’ve since devoured the vast majority of his library of works including Young Avengers, Darth Vader, The Wicked + The Divine, and Phonogram. When I heard his follow up to WicDiv for Image would be a comic about gamers getting trapped in the RPG they played, I was all in. Additionally, Stephanie Hans’ artwork is beautiful and her talents will be lent to the upcoming RPG. Throughout the book, Gillen teased in the letters page that he had been playtesting an actual game based on the book and readers should be on the lookout. And sure enough, that game has come to fruition.


Reeks of Jedi
I'm eagerly awaiting my Kickstarted edition of Avatar the Last Airbender RPG to come in.

From your list though, Monty Python and Walking Dead.


Doing the best imitation of myself
So I picked 13th Age v2, Gloomhaven, and Shadow of the Weird Wizard. The one that hasn't been talked about is Weird Wizard, which is something that I'm really excited about as a possible replacement as my go-to game for fantasy. I didn't back Shadow of the Demon Lord and really regret that due to the shear quantity of material: that was an insane Kickstarter! The talk is a March or April KS for Weird Wizard, which I'm really excited about.

The other one that sticks out to me is Gloomhaven: if they manage to make the non-combat parts as interesting as combat, that will be exceptional.

13th Age is another no-brainer: I ran two successful campaigns with it previously, and the play test looks really sharp too!

All in all, an exciting year for new games looks to be upon us.

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