[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1

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Outside Blackcoat's Mansion

Nice stops staring off into space. "Look. It's just Nice OK? No mister."

He rubs his gray, bald head.

"Right. OK. Come with me. We'll stick you in the tank till we get this all sorted out."

He turns around and heads back toward the house.


Inside Blackcoat's Mansion

The door of the mansion slides further open. It looks to Biggs like someone is coming in.
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Thinking fast, Biggs walks quickly to the openning door.

If i have to fight my way out, best i fight in front of the doorway. If Nice is there i won't have to worry about the invisible one.

When the door is fully open, Biggs is standing there, a sly smile on his lips, weapons ready. "Hello Nice. Pleasant evening for a stroll eh? Just stetching my legs as you can see. The bat-cave was a bit too cramped for my tastes."


Nice doesn't seem to be expecting anyone behind the door. Walking quickly he almost blunders into Biggs.

His face is separated from Biggs' by mere inches; eyes wide in shock.

"Hello Nice. Pleasant evening for a stroll eh? Just stetching my legs as you can see. The bat-cave was a bit too cramped for my tastes."

"You're staked." Nice asserts futilely.

[sblock=Predators taint]
Biggs keeps his cool, (and maybe learns a valuable lesson about not surprising other vampires -- which is what this game is all about anyway) as does Diego. Beth loses it though.

Oscar frenzies after panicking seeing the hunter. [/sblock]

There is a muted howl from behind Diego as a blurred shape of a muscular young man appears charging up the stairs "gonna POP you!" yells Oscar.
Beth also snarls, losing herself in bestial frenzy and launching herself at Biggs.
[sblock=Who's Oscar]
The invisible guy who was standing behind Diego. So yes this is the first time he's appeared. Yes that would be surprising. No he doesn't trigger frenzy (which I am profoundly grateful for) due to Obfuscate **.[/sblock]

Inconveniently (from Nice's standpoint) the startled deputy is in between them and their quarry.
[sblock=combat block]
Basically here's my opinion. With everyone using melee weapons and most of the combatants in frenzy the only choice everyone has is to attack Nice.
Le Surprise Roll
Biggs --> Surprised; doesn't act first round of combat (which makes some sense since he wasn't really expecting to experience or trigger frenzy or even that the "angry/hostile/territorial/defensive feeling" has a fancy name like frenzy)
Beth --> In Frenzy, will attack Nice to get to Biggs.
Oscar --> In Frenzy, will attack Nice to get to Biggs.
Nice --> Not surprised (or rather surprised but not surprised= the game effect where he loses his turn)
Diego --> same as Nice

Initiative -- this roll got a bit oopsied. Just take the first 4 results. Biggs, the surprised one, will join next round.
Nice 14
Diego 12
Beth 10
Oscar 9[/sblock]

Nice seems to recover at the sound of Oscar yelling and makes some sort of instinctive decision.
He turns around (facing away from Biggs), puts his arms out and yells "Stop!"
[sblock=It's Diego's Turn to Act]
Diego sees people around him (Beth, Oscar) freaking out, and since he felt the anger himself upon seeing Biggs, and Beth earlier, knows why.
What does Diego do?[/sblock]
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Biggs takes a step back and kicks the door shut. The door smashes into nice's face with a crunch. Biggs then rams his shoulder up against the door.

"NICE, get your cronies under control, or theres gonna be some serious bloodshed here tonight! I know what i am, and i got higher priorities than sending your a$$ back to hell!" He shouts through the blocked door.


[sblock=OOC to War]
Yeah sorta, not really. Honestly I prefer finding out people's responces fast. If I know what you want to do then it's much easier for me than if I have to guess.

And it's that's a perfectly viable action. You talk about your own character, the action is clear (you make it clear that your happy hitting Nice with the door if its an issue), you give good description of what you're doing.

It's just that you'll do it once you get over your surprise at suddenly
1. having almost uncontrollably strong violent feelings at seeing random people
2. having said random random people (two teenagers really) bare fang and charge you
3. having Nice defend you (probably surprising -- your call)
4. maybe recognizing Beth's character

If we get to that point and you haven't posted anything else to the contrary I will use the above as your action.[/sblock]


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OOC: Ok, whats my initiative count on next turn, so i know when to post? And about frenzy, do we still choose our actions or do we completely lose it (and therefore switch over to ST control temporarily)?

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