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[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1


The book says you roll when you join the combat and can act.
I figure for the first fight or two we go by the book.

There is an option for a pc to spend a willpower point and make a roll to "ride the wave". The player maintains a degree of control. It's similar to LB's most recent appearance (ie you pick what you break.
It seems less meaningful to me if the player stays in control in both cases.

For an online game the ride the wave mechanic is troublesome. Your supposed to decide before the initial frenzy roll is made.
So it would be like "you may frenzy. Would you like to try to ride the wave?
<wait 24 hours>
Pc: no
<roll some dice>
st: ok no frenzy. What do you want to do now?
<takes some more time>
pc: same fricking thing I was doing before you started this frenzy stuff!

Maybe we'll deal by just letting people spend willpower after they've already fallen into frenzy?[/sblock]

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First Post
Cole Braddock

The name is Braddock, Cole Braddock and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr. Archer.” Says Cole. He is dressed in average attire that has a bit a of 1940’s style to it. Contrast to Mr. Archers bumbling aura, Cole has a very cool and calm demure about him. Giving one an impression that he has been around the block a few times.

I believe it’s a Friday. But alas I am unaware of the exact date.” Offers Cole. “You might want to heal that wound of yours before we head out into public.” Says Cole as looks at Archers’ wrapped up neck. “The less attention one draws the better. Especially from mortal eyes. They are not so keen on seeing walking, talking bandages.


First Post
"Thanks, it's a pleasure Cole. This is about as good as it gets I'm afraid. Timing of the injury meant that it's a keeper," Archer looked a little sheepish as he stepped into the elevator and hit the button for the parking level, "Best I can do is hide it and make like it's not as bad as it actually is. I try not to draw attention to it. Subtlety and a little spit shine has worked pretty well thus far."

Although Archer didn't mention that the disguise had seen practically nil real testing. He stood patiently, listening to the elevator music, until after a few moments he turned towards Cole with one of his eyebrows raised. He went to say something but proceeded to have a small coughing fit into a handful of tissues he drew from his pocket in a surprisingly fluid motion.

He composed himself, wiping drops of blood from around his mouth, "Sorry about that. You said your name was Cole Braddock? That wouldn't happen to be Braddock as in Braddock, Fitzroy and Lamb, would it?"


First Post
Cole Braddock

An amused smile escapes onto Cole’s face along with a hearty chuckle when his two old colleagues’ are mentioned. He looks at Archer still holding the smile and gives a small nod of his head. “It would appear so Mr. Archer. Though I must confess that my contribution to that particular conglomerate has been a bit ‘remote’. I am however, somewhat surprised that those two were able to have such a blooming and obvious well known reputation. Fitzroy and Lamb were great friends but they were not the two sharpest knives in the box.” Says Cole. “How may ask I do you know of them?


First Post
"No 'mister', just Archer works fine. Never been one for any kind of title. I've been working for the company for the past seven years, and I was doing pretty well until this all happened," Archer shrugged, "But damn Cole, or Mr. Braddock if you'd prefer, you look like you just stepped out of that sixty or so year old photo that every one of the upper management seems to have a copy of. Keeping up with events within the company of late?"


Biggs gets quickly into the fray.

Recovering from his shock at his own reaction to seeing other vampires, and their reactions he takes a step back and kicks the door shut. Biggs then rams his shoulder up against the door.

"NICE, get your cronies under control, or theres gonna be some serious bloodshed here tonight! I know what i am, and i got higher priorities than sending your a$$ back to hell!" He shouts through the blocked door.


"Take it easy man. Just take it easy," Nice seems to be completely focused on Oscar.

"POP!" Oscar yells.

"No man. No popping. It's cool. We're all cool."

Biggs' disappearance from view allows Beth to easily master herself.

[sblock=Beth IC]
Beth realizes, somewhat distractedly, that she feels different, things around her are happening more slowly, she feels light on her feet, there's a slight doppler effect when she moves. Then it stops and she's slowed down.

And she realizes that she's seen the stocky guy with the crowbar before. The night that that freak first kidnapped her.[/sblock]
[sblock=Beth OOC]
Beth now has access to Celerity *.Beth's spent a blood point reflexible for Celerity when she dropped into frenzy. It only lasted for a round though.
And Edictic Memory in action remembering Biggs[/sblock]

[sblock=Biggs IC]
That kid who was jumping for his throat looked sorta familiar.[/sblock]
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