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W2: The Search For Tomas Quinn (Rae Judging)


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OOC: Sorry, forgot to mention I was going away for a bit. I'm back now. Did you attack for my dog already? Or did Ceph have one too?

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Round Five

Round Five:
Pendrake = 24 Shield of Faith= +2 AC; 4 rounds remain Bless: +1 Attack rolls and saves vs. fear Dodge vs. Barghest, +1 AC
Aiken = 22 Shield of Faith= +2 AC; 4 rounds remain Bless: +1 Attack rolls and saves vs. fear 7/19 Prone
Goblins (4) = 19.
#1 - DEAD
#2 - DEAD
#3 - 4 damage Fleeing
#4 -DEAD
Cepheus = 14+ Bless: +1 Attack rolls and saves vs. fear
Barghest "Chief" = 14 DEAD
Solange = 13 Bless: +1 Attack rolls and saves vs. fear17/23
Tomas = 12+.
Hukk = 12 Bless: +1 Attack rolls and saves vs. fear

Solange's dog attacks and misses, and then vanishes into thin air...

Pendrake steps forward, and cries out "Take that you Kobold daugk!" as he swings his blow. Unfortunately, the sword bounces off the creature's thick hide, and the barghest chuckles cruelly.

Lightning strikes again, muffling whatever it was the goblin chief was going to say. All that Pendrake sees is the red blood spilling down the foul beast's maw.

Aiken moves into position, and expertly slips his blade between the creature's shoulderblades. It howls in fury, and turns back on the rogue. "STAY DEAD!"

Cepheus sneaks forward, ignoring the life and death fight to his left, his eyes only on Tomas. It seems the child is at the railing... is he getting ready to jump?

One of the rogues on the ship notices Tomas climbing the railing, and lets out a curse. "Ciara! The boy!"

The woman holding off two goblins sees this and scowls - but the goblins before her keep her pinned. Temporarily.

The barghest again unloads a flurry of attacks on Pendrake - but again, the Northman is able to deflect every single one with his shield.

Solange steps forward, her hand cloaked in Zephos' dark powers. She reaches forward, and touches the dread beast. It jerks away at the last moment... until the magical power of Solange's Bless effect kicks in, pushing her forward. At the lightest touch, a bolt of lightning strikes - illuminating the creature laughing in glee.

And then it stops. It's face frozen, it looks on at Solange in confusion, before falling to the ground. It's body goes into spasms, rocking on the flooded cobblestones in a seizure. "NNoooooOOOO!" it screams, before bursting into heatless flames.

Solange only has a moment to celebrate, though...
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The fight on the ship is not going well for the goblins. Already, the lady C has taken down another goblin, while Riffer the mage has used his wand to fire a bolt of energy to bring down a second. One blacklily falls, pierced by a goblin shortsword, but he is able to bring a goblin down with him - they both crash into the turbulent waters.

Tomas looks towards the successful blacklilies with fear, realizing it's only moments before he is captured once again. He looks down at the water, churning below him. And then he sees Hukk, and once again, he is brave.

At this point, dozens of goblins start surging down the streets, their blades raised high. Moving at a fairly slow pace (30 feet per round), they head mob-like towards the Blacklily craft.

Realizing they cannot hold off the goblins, Riffer dashes forward, trying to throw off the riggings on the ship that secure it to the docks.


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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
The tall northerner grins with deturmination. the lightning flashes on his red hair making it almost the color of blood.

"Thomas! we come!"

then looking to Aiken he says," ' Lo, daar zie ik mijn vader."

[sblock=translation] 'lo there do i see my father. for the rest, just look to my sig in final departures[/sblock]

]ooc[do i see right that it is a 45 foot straight charge to the top of the gangplank? i could not tell if there are any possible combatants from Pendrake to the top of the gangplank, but i see something there. is that the first of the goblins or black lil's? if so, then: ]/ooc[

without another word, he charges 45 feet to the the first of combatants

(awaiting confirmation before proceding.)
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
I suspect we are dead in the water :(

Rae could you wrap this up for us?

*places left fist on left hip, right fist raised defiently in the air*

NOOOOO! the thread must go on! what city is wik in and i will hunt him down myself, if i can get there at today's gas prices...!!

Rae ArdGaoth

Wik isn't being active in my games either. What do you guys want to do? I think this adventure is relatively near an ending point, so we could take it a little further to its immediate conclusion. Or we could just cut things off and write a quick tie up of loose ends and free your characters up.

The latter is quick but dirty. The former is probably more desirable, if you guys still have feelings for this neglected thread. But if you don't have the heart, then it's obviously easier for me to just tie things up rather than invigorate you again. =P

I leave it up to you.

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