W2a: The Doublemurder Goblins (Manzanita Judging)


OK. Judge here. I'm willing to step in to wrap this up if that is the player consensus. I'm too overextended to really take the story and run. But as I recall, the synopsis sent by Wik was for a very short adventure. I think you're mostly done already. I would wrap it up as quickly as I could, assign XPs (w/your help) & send you back to the RDI.

If someone else wanted to take over as DM and run w/it, that would be fine by me.


((Appreciated muchly, Manzanita! But as I understand things, Wik has promised to stop by on Friday and explain what's going on, and probably how he wants to wrap things up as well. It seems like a good idea to wait until then, and see what's up.))


(Well, Friday came and went, and then another Friday, and then some more days to boot.. I say it's time to move on to resolution.)



There doesn't seem to be a consensus regarding what form resolution should take, but since two of the four players have been missing for over a month now, I think it's pointless to wait much longer for their votes. I'm somewhat demotivated to continue this, and I gather Knight Otu isn't chomping at the bit either.

In the interest of speeding the whole mess along, I've pre-emptively come up with a division of loot. I suppose it's easiest to just sell off the entirety of the loot, and split the proceeds into shares; if anyone desperately wants an item we've recovered, they could pay its sale value out of their share. Jamilee would do this with the wand (it sets things ON FIRE, what's not to like?) except that it's too expensive.
Silver dagger             22gp
Thunderstone              30gp
Pot. cure light wounds    50gp
Anti-toxin                50gp
3 vials of acid           30gp
steel mirror              10gp
Spirits                   20gp
Wand of Burning Hands    195gp (13ch: 13/50 * 750 = 195)
------------------------------ +
50% of 447gp =           223gp5sp.

Bare cash/gems:
20gp + 20gp + 65sp        46gp5sp
Hematite, 3pcs 25gp       75gp
------------------------------ +
Tot'l loot: 121gp5sp + 223gp5sp = 345gp

[b]Share each[/b]: 86gp, 2sp, 5cp.


Tor returns to the group, only to find a large detachment of Orussus's finest has just arrived. Their leader is a hansom young human dressed in black studded leather armor, and wearing no insignia.

"We'll take it from here. This goblin leader is known to us. We've been tracking him. We know his weakness. You lot clear out. You're from the Red Dragon aren't you? Well, thanks for trimming down the size of the gang. We've got reinforcements coming."


(hey - it lives!)

Jamilee looks - blank, really. "It is hrngood to see the hrnGuard has the situation well in hand."


Looks like 375 XPs from the fight were already awarded back on 06/17. Not a whole lot happened afterwards. No time awards have been given yet. May 20 to Oct 9th is about 4.67 months.

The time spent award per character is:
Sembian (4th) 934 XP
Jamilee (2nd) 467 XP
Jerrand (1st) 234 XP
Tor (1st) 234 XP

Unless anyone wants to stay around & argue with the Orussus special forces, feel free to head on back to the inn. Feel free to finish your loot division in this thread. Better luck on your next adventure. That's the second one I've had to finish up for poor Sembian, eh?

Knight Otu

(Thanks for the wrap, Manzanita. I'm obviously not very thrilled with how things have been for Semabin in that regard, and I'm not very enthusiastic about the character currently, either. I don't plan to retire him, but I might "park" him in the RDI again for a bit.)
Semabin, having no reason to argue with the officials, heads back to the Red Dragon.