D&D General Warduke's homeworld: MOTHERLAND—The World of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS™ Action Figures!

Hi everybody, with input from former TSR designer Mike Gray, I'm posting draft chapters of the upcoming D&D World of MOTHERLAND, a free aficionado-crafted setting which depicts the lost homeworld of WARDUKE™ Evil Fighter, STRONGHEART™ Good Paladin, SKYLLA™ Evil Magic User, MERCION™ Good Cleric Female [sic!], RINGLERUN™ Good Wizard, KELEK™ Evil Sorcerer, and the other LJN Action Figures. It's a rainbow-lit world with an "eternally 1983 vibe," which is basically "D&D meets Masters of the Universe and the Super Friends."

MOTHERLAND is based on probably the most extensive research into the LJN Action Figure stories to date, including coloring books, Marvel storybooks, 45 rpm vinyl records, View-Master slides, Lite-Brites, Shrinky-Dinks, and other weird and wonderful merch...mostly dating from 1983-1984. Check it out over on the Piazza forum, where I've posted a link to a PDF of the Introduction. I hope to post further chapters over time.

-S. Travis Henry

MOTHERLAND cover.png

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