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Pathfinder 2E Wayne Reynolds Shares Guns & Gears Art

Artist Wayne Reynolds has shared the full cover art for Guns & Gears, the upcoming Pathfinder hardcover.

The artwork for Guns & Gears (Pathfinder RPG) was previewed at PaizoCon over the weekend. Sized; 29.7cm x 36cm / "12 x "16. Acrylic on artboard. Publishing copyright Paizo Inc. Art editor; Sarah Robinson. NFS


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Have you seen the ZEITGEIST setting?
Not really.
I am not interested in an adventure path, but I will have to look at the setting information for it and what parts of the industrialization it covers. Most settings only focus on one aspect like Sharlock Holmes detective stories or worker uprising, etc but fail to present a complete picture and often ignore all the positive effects of the industrialization.

There is also Anbennar. A mod for several games from Paradox which was born out of a D&D campaign and they also want to adapt the timeline to Victoria 3 which was just announced (which is pretty much the feeling I would want to convey in an industrialization based setting to not only focus on dirt and grime
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The fire giant design by Reynolds was HIS fire giant design and it’s not really a trademarkable image as it’s not a specific character anymore than dark purple or grey skinned elves are trademarkable as a generic representation.

it is also more a Shared representation of the Fire Giant (also used by Reaper Miniatures as well) as seen by a quick Google search of Pathfinder Fire Giant



When Reynolds first doing art, I kinda liked it. However, as time has gone on, I'm not so fond of it anymore. Sort of a reverse Erol Otus reaction, I guess.

I am curious about the book itself though. Wonder if it will be difficult to work into a PF1 game.


Man. It is a picture. It is a very good picture. Well done Mr Reynolds. Your art is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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