We are back!

5 long days without EN World. But we have returned! All brand new, probably a bit buggy, and with things working differently, but we’re back!

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New layout is a bit busy, but still: glad to have ENWorld back :) (strangely, I missed it already after a few days, even though I do not post here very often).


Well done @Morrus, it must have been a pain to make things like enrollment date, avatars, even signatures carry over.

Those little things make people happy. Thank You.


Thank you for all of you hard work behind the scenes. For a moment, I looked at old forums I used to post at, and realized after looking at some of them why I left in the first place. So I for one am glad for this forum and all the work you guys do.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
How do we sblock, url, table, roll etc in the new engine? I have characters that need reformatting now.

New site looks better, is faster especially on the phone...good work @Morrus.

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