We are back!

5 long days without EN World. But we have returned! All brand new, probably a bit buggy, and with things working differently, but we’re back!

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Which end is high and which end is low?

I've sent people to ENWorld for the die rolling and text formatting. So, until those are restored, 75-80% disappointed. Speed is good. But I use forums slower than the old forums. So speed doesn't excite me.

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Knowledge loss is disappointing. All the little vBulletin tricks I've stored up are useless. But I'm sure I'll find new ways to exploit the power of XenForo eventually.


Well worth the wait. The forums seem to be running a lot smoother and they no longer look dated with their fresh new look.

Hey, I used to be Psyzhran2357 and was using my Reddit account to view ENWorld. However, there's currently no Reddit login on the new site. When can we expect it to come back?


Probably not the first to remark upon this, but since this forum now shows an uncanny resemblance to rpg.net, I guess XenForo's quest for world dominance (or at least dominating my personal user experience) is complete! ;)

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