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My concern is the knock on effects of potentially trying to kill or nerf the OGL for the companies that use It for non-d an d related games. A good example is Open D6. It is released under the old OGL. Aside from a few books like Open Fantasy, the bulk of the books have jack all to do with anything wizards has made. Depending on the tact they tack they take the system could be dead (more so than it already is) . If it is just a 4e situation (the de-authorisation makes signing the new license incompatible with using the old one) no big deal. The handful of Open D6 publisher's that randomly release content can go about their merry way. If they are trying to forcibly upgrade all OGL users by saying the old ones are somehow invalid then open d6 publishers would be potentially bound by the new rules. I understand that the odds of an open d6 publisher making more than 50k or 750k are infinitesimal. I still don't feel that the data collection requirements or the potential loss of IP by the publisher (like in DM guild) are ethically acceptable to me as Wizards didn't make the system. At the speed at which west end games was dying using an existing OGL made sense at the time. For me, how this impacts the smaller games that just used the license as I was convenient at time matters. I realise that we don't know exactly what the final OGL will be from Wizards, but I want to hear wizard say explicitly what their intent is with games in this situation.

So we all can start screaming the sky is falling now?

...asking for a friend.
I think we're somewhere in-between "The sky is falling" and "This is fine".



As long as i get to be the frog
Griffons Saddle isn't. His was posted 2 days ago. And it looks like someone else stepped into the comments back then too. Confirming some things if not the exact verbiage from the Roll For Combat folks.

Looks like at the time of Griffon's Saddle post the prior two weeks discussions were being held.
Who is this Griffons Saddle you speak of?

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