We got an official leak of One D&D OGL 1.1! Watch Our Discussion And Reactions!


Their distributors.

And before this goes into "and where do they get their products from?", this line of inquiry ends with the idea that anyone who owns something that they sell commercially has a monopoly over it, which is quite clearly not in sync with the legal definition of that term.
no, that works quite well, but generally the market is not defined as that one product, and that is why we do not have millions of tiny monopolies

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I was making the point that legal issues (those things that you were opining on and being snarky to other people about) are complex; that you don’t know what Black’s is … is a tell … and indicates that you don’t have the requisite background to be so dismissive of others.
I don't think you read my exchanges with Alzrius very closely.


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That's a fair point, and in that regard WotC quite clearly has neither of those things.
Weird. Because if they pull the trigger and somehow the OGL actually does go away, that’s a lot of game companies that suddenly either disappear or fall in line, and that’s them directly engaging in anti-competitive behavior and exercising a lot of power over the market.

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