We had to put our dog down this week


Princess of Florin
You old timers may remember when we brought Sprocket home in July of 2001. She was malnourished, nearly bald, had been shot, burned, repeatedly beaten and almost drowned by her first owner. We got her from this breed rescue organization. Since then, we spent countless hours and all of our love and care on her, to turn her into a happy, healthy, well adjusted dog. For the most part, we succeeded, although she was still afraid of strange men.

Last Saturday morning at 4:00am, she had a grand mal seizure. We took her to the vet as soon as they opened, and blood work was done, because one possible cause of convulsions in dogs is liver failure. Then we went home to wait for the test results, which we would get Monday morning. That night she seized again. And again. Sunday, she was tired and aloof, but still knew us. That night she had two more seizures. By Monday morning, she was getting lost in the back yard, no longer knew how to play and wasn't sure she knew us.

The test results came back negative, but at that point it didn't matter. Our beloved dog was leaving us by inches. We had no choice but to put her to sleep.

She died in my arms at 10:48 on Monday, April 12th. The last thing she heard was me telling her she was my good girl. My husband & I are heartbroken.

The vet's diagnosis? Epilepsy, possibly caused by past head trauma.


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My sympathies for your loss.

With time, you will be able to look back and know that you gave her close to 3 more years than she would have had without you. Probably the 3 best years of her life, too. Those will be some happy memories.


I do not have the pleasure of knowing you... and so perhaps this lines are nothing, and would anyway be very little to ease your pain.

But I feel for you. And were I the bard that carried the name that I use on here, I'd compose the best of ballads for yur lost sweetie.



I'm sorry. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Remember, you'll always have the good memories. While the pain may never fade completely, you know that you made her life better, just as she brought happiness to yours.


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My condolences on your loss, BC.

Good for you for doing it right. I am sure both of your lives were richer for the experience. Drop a line if you just need to vent. :)

Djeta Thernadier

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I think you know how much I love animals and I know that our pets are members of our families. Losing them is so hard because they touch our lives so much.

Know it was probably comforting to her to know you were holding her in her last moments.

I am so sorry. :(


My condolences. You both gave her a great deal of happiness and love that she probably never would have known and I am sure it was reciprocated. I am saddened by your loss.

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