D&D 5E Weekend Chat: What Official Property for a 5E Adaptation

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Today Warcraft by WotC may be possible. It is a very known franchise, but not Blizzards is not in its best days of glory.

Gamma World may be possible, but the game designers need a lot of work with the crunch. If there are videogames of Mutant: Year Zero and Fallout, why not Gamma World?

My dream would be Fortnite: Save the World, the original cooperative, about tower defenses against the husks and mist monsters, not the superfamous Battle Royal.

There is a homebred versions of Star Wars 5e, with a very decent look, very I suspect Disney will publish its own Star Wars RPG after Marvel.

"Pirates of the Dark Waters" was an old cartoon with a look close to Dark Sun, but in the sea.

They were opposite in the sense one was about adventures in the sea and the other in a totally dry dessert, but the fashion, the clothing, looked like designed by the same tailor.


Some franchises are good stories, but horrible as setting where the main characters are different.


Mind Mage
Modern-ish Setting
• Brave New World (near future, dystopia or is it actually utopia)
• Incorporated (near future, supertech)
• Humans (sentient androids)
• Westworld (sentient AI, androids, supertech, transhuman)
• Orphan Black (cloning, transhuman)
• Upload (mind in digital virtual reality when body dies)
• Moonhaven (near future supertech, moon colony)
• The Travelers (oneway time travel from future into present)
• Superheroes (DC Titans, Marvel Dr Strange, etcetera)
• Sense8 (psionic, mindlink)
• Tomorrow People (psionic, telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis)
• Modern mages (Dresden Files, Motherland, Secret Circle, Sabrina)
• Teen Wolf (vampire, werewolf, witch, etcetera)
• Ragnarok (Norway: modern superheroes remix Norse mythology)

Future-ish Space Travel Setting
• Killjoys (scifi bounty hunters)


I'm still waiting on my virtual reality suit like in the movie Ready Player One. This way you can be your PC and the suit and background can adapt to your level and attributes. Things are getting closer, but not quite there yet. Hopefully it is not like the jet packs we were promised.

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