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D&D General Welcome Thread


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Hi all!

I have been playing tabletop RPGs since 1984. I have just now decided to break into the publishing side of things. I hope you don't mind but I would like to share my ver first kickstarter campaign here:


It's all about running those sweet evil campaigns!

I also have a video up on how I go about creating campaigns:

I would love to get some feedback on the video or my campaign.

Great to meet you all!


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I was searching more new RPG forums to join and found Enworld! I'm excited to be part of the community and learn more, hopefully share some. I've been tabletop gaming for about 20 years and love the hobby. I also recently self-published my first RPG - Eternity RPG: https://aeturnumgaming.com/
Thank you for hosting this super cool site!


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Congrats on doing your first RPG! It's an amazing feat! Would you mind checking out my Kickstarter campaign and giving me some feedback?


Hi everybody,

I'm Ramamoon_77, born in Italy but now living in Spain... I've been playing D&D since '87... OD&D, Advanced, 3, 3.5, 4, and finally D&D next! I hope to be able to contribute to this great forum but first of all... let's check if there is any class guide to my favourite class of all, the sorcerer... ;)

Best regards and happy gaming!
Luca (my real name in this world...)


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Welcome! I’ll take care of that spammer.

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Hi everyone,
I've been playing DnD ever since I was 12. Currently, I'm a fan of DnD 5e. I'm often on Kickstarter supporting some type of DnD accesssory. I've DM'd a bit, and it is a blast to be behind the screen, because you get play so many characters and monsters. I look forward to DM'ing, again, one day. Until then, I think I'll just watch the Chain of Acheron and Critical Role :)


Hey there folks!

A little hello from France! I've been DM'ing for close to 15 years now, notably D&D 3.5 and World of Darkness before recently switching to 5e. Thanks to the wonders of internet I've finally tasted adventuring in Toril as a player recently, and I just can't get enough!

I also am the Community Lead of a young video game company working on a passion project close to tabletop RPGs, so you might see me around asking for feedback on rules and systems from time to time!^^


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I'm happy to be here. I am new to D&D and enjoy playing every Sunday with my daughter via FB Messenger. I am the DM for our D&D 5e adventure and I look forward to learning from all of you!


Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time joiner. I love the WOIN system and thought I’d help with proofreading.

O.L.D. Page 129 - Lifting a heavy rock LOG carrying (example tasks bar, lifting is tied to Logic)


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Hi everyone! I got back into D&D last year after a break of 30 years, and I’m currently DMing three different campaigns, and playing a fourth. I’m addicted to random generators. For loot, encounters, everything...


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Hi there !
I'm Gulix, from France. I'm a gamer and game designer. I play all kinds of game, but always love a good story.
I co-organize a local convention and participate in french conventions around my hometown.


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Thank you for letting me join. I am back to playing D&D after almost 30 years off. I've been reading all the books for the last few years and just started in a campaign about six months ago. I'm hoping to work my way up to DM'ing for some friends in the next year.


Hello, gamers. I'm from the Czech Republic. I play DnD 5e for 3 years and have a little dip in WH40k. And before these experiences, I played local RPG based on first DnD and ADnD for 15 years :D


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Hi all, I am a long time ad&d player and DM, came here due to your character sheets, so I thought I would join. I play with friends online all the time and love the game.