Welcome Thread


Hi all, I am a long time ad&d player and DM, came here due to your character sheets, so I thought I would join. I play with friends online all the time and love the game.


I completely missed this thread when I actually started posting a couple of weeks ago. So, hey, howareya, happy to be here.


Hello everyone! I'm Levi, a 16-year-old newer dungeon master, I'm learning the ropes and saw that this site kicks butt! I'd love to start participating and see what's going on!


Hello! I am, as I like to call it, a midlife-crisis gamer. I never played D&D as a kid, but always wanted to, and now, in my late 30s, I'm finally getting into it! I have played a short 5e campaign and few one shots, but now I mostly DM for my own family, and for the kids at the middle school I teach at. I am also running a campaign for adults in about a month. Anbyway, I hope to gain much adviceand supprot on these forums, and have fun all the while :)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Welcome! And [MENTION=6997907]scienceseuss[/MENTION], I got into D&D late as well, and I'm your age so don't tell me I'm a midlife-crisis gamer too... I'm still in denial. :D


Welcome! Pull up a chair by the fire and tell us about that time you killed a Mind Flayer with a fork in a Waterdeep dive bar...


Hello there.

Within the last year I've gotten deeply into DnD 5e. Mostly a player and map designer, but DM occasionally as well. Happy to meet some new adventurers!


Hello, everyone. Jurrubin here. Just moved to Bentonville, AR. Been playing D&D since it came in a little white box in 1977. Nice to see how the RPG industry has flourished since then.


Howdy everyone!

My name is Dom 'TheXploder' Coles and just signed up here to hopefully get to chatting with like minded guys in the Table-Top community! As well as this I hope to at some point gather some interest around the game I am working on called 'Ring Warriors: The Wrestling Table-Top Role Playing Game'.

Hope everyone is having a good day and hope to get to know people from here. May the dice treat you well!


Hello guys & girls :)

Iam Martin from Germany - Berlin and a Tabletop gamer for about 20 years now! Looking forward to speak to nice people about the hobby and other stuff around it :)!

Actually iam waiting for the new announced Kings of War - the roleplaying game soon and want to be a GM for it within my area :)!

Cheers from Berlin


Hello everyone.
I'm not sure how to introduce myself... well, I like tabletop games (that's to be expected since I'm here). I'm a nebie DM for D&D 5e and ran a few games for my friends.
To be honest I prefer being a DM much more rather than a player, since it's much more fun for me. And I'd like to run a Call of Cthulhu game some time in the future. My english may be wonky sometimes, but I hope it will get better and more fluent with practice.