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Welcome Thread


Hey everyone :)
I've been playing tabletop roleplaying games for more than half my life now, mostly D&D and (old) World of Darkness, with a smattering of Shadowrun, Midgard, DSA, and a few others, mostly as storyteller/dungeon master. I also enjoy thinking about game rules, balance, ideas, character concepts and general worldbuilding.
After a long time of lurking and coming back again and again for the amazing vault of roleplaying knowledge this board has to offer, I finally registered. I'm looking forward to my time here!


Hello everyone! i've been playing tabletop for a long time and only just learned to use a computer and the internet, its heartwarming to see how large tabletop is on the internet.


Hello! I used to roleplay PbP and text RP for a decade before finally discovering joys of tabletop rpgs. So now I'm trying to throw some ideas together and do some homebrews for my own enjoyment while looking for fun new games to play. Nice to meet you all!
Hiya! I've been lurking for a long time, but I felt compelled to post in the Pathfinder forum; really excited about PF2 after coming from 5e since launch. Thought I'd post here and get back to lurking, haha.
Hello All. I'm new to the forums. I've been role playing for about 24 years now. My husband and I are big into Live Action Role Playing. I still use a chat site that I role play on.