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D&D 5E Wereraven Regeneration


Did anyone else notice that in the wereraven stat block presented in
Candlekeep Mysteries
that they are no longer immune to non-magical non-silvered weapon attacks? Instead they have Regeneration 10 which doesn't work if they took damage from a spell or silvered weapon since their previous turn. This has a several implications:

1. You can beat them senseless with regular weapons, they just won't die without silver or spells.
2. Magic weapons and non-magical elemental damage (e.g. fire from a torch) and non-weapon bludgeoning/piercing/slasging damage (e.g. the bludgeoning damage from falling off a cliff) are no longer any more effective than regular weapons. You absolutely need silver or magic to finish one off. Except...
3. I'm not sure whether the Death From Massive Damage rule applies to NPCs. Presuming that it does, this might be a way to finish off a wereraven without silver or magic. I'd imagine this covers scenarios like being decapitated, getting incinerated in lava, or getting crushed into a liquid form.
4. If the DM is using death saves for a wereraven NPC (which the DM can do at their discretion), it would seem that you could continue beating on a wereraven at 0 hit point to inflict death save failure, and as long as they were dropped to 0 by magic/silver or at least one death save is from magic/silver, then they would die. They might not die until the start of their next turn, though.
5. The above two points depend on your interpretation of "The wereraven only dies if..." in the stat block. By a strict reading this could make the wereraven immune to massive damage but make it actually easier to kill using death saves (as it could die without failing any death saves).
6. Does this make wereraven PCs stronger or weaker? Immunity is powerful, but Regeneration 10 is nothing to sneeze at, either. Personally I'd be comfortable giving wereraven PCs something like Regeneration 1 when they're at 0 hit points, or maybe up to half their hit points. Or maybe 1/2 your level so that it hits 10 by level 20. This feels much more workable in play than Immunity or Resistance.

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I guess it is a metagame change to allow an easier adaptation to videogames, or to be used by PCs. We should remember the werebeasts from White Wolf games: "Werewolf: the Apocalypse" and "Werewolf: the Forsaken" where the silver helped, but it was not totally necessary. In the traditional folklore the lycantropes were discovered because as humans showed injuries suffered while they were beast shapes.

My questions is about if the challenging rating or XPs value is the same, and what if sentient undeads want to use werebeasts with regeneration as renewable food sources.

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